USA: Petition – Stop Leaving Dogs to Die in Lethal Extreme Weather.



Stop Leaving Dogs to Die in Lethal Extreme Weather

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Target: J. Stuart Adams, President of the Utah State Senate

Goal: Make it a crime to deny a dog adequate shelter in hazardous weather conditions.

Dogs suffer and die every year because they don’t have access to adequate shelter during extreme weather. The state of Utah is trying to change that. Demand punishment for those who deny their dogs a safe place to take shelter.

The Utah Senate Rules Committee is currently reviewing a bill that would make it illegal to deny an unattended dog access to shelter during extreme weather. Dubbed SB 142, or the Animal Welfare Amendments, the bill seeks to modify “cruelty to animals provisions to address a dog at a residence in extreme weather condition.” It clarifies that the shelter must sufficiently protect against all weather and prevent penetration by moisture, while also providing freedom of movement and a roof and door large enough to accommodate the animal. The shelter should also include straw, bedding, or another artificial heat source that allows the dog to maintain healthy temperature.

If passed, then this bill would make this an act of animal cruelty punishable in a court of law. Sign below to demand that Senators move in favor of protecting these innocent dogs.



Dear President Adams,

The lives of many dogs throughout your state are now in your hands, thanks to SB 142. This bill moves to protect dogs in the event of hazardous weather by making it punishable to deny them life-saving shelter. I demand that you move in favor of this important legislation.

An amendment to animal welfare laws moves to protect dogs and punish owners who deny them vital access to shelter during a weather emergency. This means that dogs could be legally entitled to accessible shelter that prevents penetration of moisture and accommodates their size. The bill also emphasizes that the shelter must contain an artificial heat source, such as straw or bedding, to help the animal maintain a healthy body temperature.

Under the threat of criminal punishment, owners will be less likely to neglect their dogs during hazardous weather. This could actually save animal lives. I demand that you pass this legislation for the good of all domesticated animals.


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