EU: murder business with chicken parts in Africa!


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Until ten years ago, the world of poultry farmers in Ghana was still in order.

They supplied their clientele with fresh chicken, which they bred themselves and brought to the markets of the country. But then frozen chicken pieces from Europe flooded the country at dumping prices. The EU started its criminal blackmail against Africa in favor of the meat companies of Europe.

In contrast, the domestic poultry industry could not compete and a whole industry collapsed. How many jobs were lost is hard to estimate, but one thing is for sure: not only most of the farmers had to shoot their farms. The turnover of hatcheries, feed mills, slaughterhouses and transport companies also collapsed.


The European Union has a long and shameful history of abusive agricultural trade practices directed at Africa and other developing regions. Its predatory approach has had a catastrophic effect and has devastated poultry farmers and producers in Africa and elsewhere.

Everyone wants only the best of chicken and what can not be sold in Europe is transported to Africa and recycled there.

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Look at the discounters in the meats, see chicken fillet, chicken schnitzel and chicken thighs, but where is the rest? These are mainly poultry leftovers such as offal, wings and necks, which are not in demand in Europe. And they are sold to dumping prices in Africa.

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Was not the EU, which had promised the African states support in building their own economy?
Instead, EU chicken meat is still flooding Africa’s markets, cheap exports of EU poultry meat leave little chance for domestic producers. Over the last 20 years, the EU has used its economic agreements in Africa to bring its highly subsidized agricultural products to Africa, with devastating consequences. Many African countries have been led by the EU’s promise of barrier-free access to trade with Europe to reduce their own trade barriers.

However, as soon as the ink on the contracts became dry, EU poultry producers flooded the African country with frozen poultry at prices significantly lower than African production costs. Ghana imports 135,000 tons of chickens from Europe in one year!! But not only Ghana is affected, also other African countries.

 The South African Poultry Association (SAPA) accuses foreign manufacturers (especially European) of supplying these parts at dumping prices in South Africa, destroying the business foundations of domestic companies.

Hühner Leichen Teile pg

The EU is destroying the entire African continent with its policies! Not only with armaments, but also with other “gifts” that drive Africa into poverty. In Africa’s refrigerated shelves, European dairy products are available at low prices, so that more and more small farmers in Africa are losing their livelihood.

An exemplary victim of the International Monetary Union FundGhana: The Ghanaian Parliament had decided to impose an import duty on imported poultry. But the International Monetary Fund reported concerns. The directive has never been implemented.

Imports of poultry at dumping prices prevent local poultry producers from raising prices to compensate for drought-induced increases in other inputs such as maize. As local production becomes uneconomic, factories and jobs are lost.


Cameroon, Senegal, Ghana and most recently South Africa have been among the victims of the EU’s shocking criminal stance on poultry trade. As a result of an import flood 70% of poultry farms in Senegal were closed. In Cameroon, 120,000 people lost their jobs. In Ghana, according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, poultry processing plants have been reduced to 25% of capacity and feed mills to 42% of capacity.

For example: in 1996, 960 tonnes of frozen chicken from the EU were exported to Cameroon, compared to 22,000 tonnes in 2003. Because Cameroon’s small farmers can not compete with the prices of importers.

Due to the fact that native chickens are no longer in demand on the market and are much more expensive than the cheap chicken parts, they are basically broke! almost 80 percent. And if the situation should change, they can not buy chicks because they are just in debt – and get no new loans.

My comment: There is so much talk about Development Assistance….

But what did it really bring Afrika? Western countries should ask why the poultry industry is collapsing.

Because first they send Afrika their frozen poultry, their companies go bankrupt – and then they provide development aid so that they do not starve to death.
That is not only absurd, it is criminal!!

We do not have to give presents to Africa
We just have to stop robbing the continent.

My best regards, Venus

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  1. Stealing photos that have NOTHING to do with animal testing (e.g. naturally occurring tumors) and using them in an article on animal testing just makes you intellectually dishonest – and destroys what little credibility you might have had.


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