Petition; Please Support – Say NO to Puppy Mills in China.



Say NO to puppy mills in China.

We are all fully aware of how China regards its animals.

As if puppy mills are not bad enough; imagine what a Chinese puppy mill is like !

Please support this petition calling for a ban on puppy mills in China.

No to the puppy mills in China

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Petition Link –



Petition Wording:

Addressed to: President Xi Jimping

The animals live confined in small cages, surrounded by their own faeces and urine. These places are true dog factories where they give birth until they die, while living a horrible life. The animals suffer a horrible life and end up with mental illnesses that cause them to be constantly turning in their small cages, hitting each other.

Dogs are poorly fed, almost never leave their cages and when they do it is only to be used to impregnate or leave pregnant females, and when they do not serve them anymore, they are killed or abandoned because they are no longer profitable.

Do not condemn dogs to a life of agony, suffering and pain. It is our duty to do something to be respected and their lives saved.

And remember that these places exist because there are people who buy pets, so ADOPT, DON’T SHOP!

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