EU and the moral view of its servants!


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The organization FOUR PAWS warns of “unprecedented scandal“:

Vytenis Andriukaitis acts completely alone!

Vienna: FOUR PAWS sounds the alarm: At present, a single-handed approach by EU Commissioner for Animal Welfare Vytenis Andriukaitis is causing a stir in Europe’s animal welfare scene.

Andriukaitis wants to consolidate fur farming practically.

With a so-called “animal welfare reference center”, the standards for the attitude of mink, raccoon dog, fox, etc. should be laid down. Therefore FOUR PAWS, together with the umbrella organization of European animal welfare organizations Eurogroup for Animals, is launching a petition to prevent this plan.

According to the Commissioner, an animal welfare reference center should officially provide technical assistance to EU countries in their animal welfare inspections (!!).
The EU’s intention is also to establish standards and good practice examples in animal welfare. However, this would mean the same regulation of keeping conditions in wildlife as in other species – an absolute no-go for animal rights activists.
“Wildlife is, as the name implies, nature and never captive,” says Heli Dungler, founder and president of FOUR PAWS. “In addition, animal welfare and fur farming are mutually exclusive.

“There is no ethically or animal friendly produced fur. “

Pelz Tier unter Elekroshockpg

The life of fur animals is hellish, but the European Commission wants its second EU Reference Centre for Animal Welfare, which covers poultry and rabbits, to also focus on fur animals – an absurdity!! No amount of welfare can improve the lives of wild animals forced into conditions that are the antithesis of their natural needs and environment, and 8 out of 28 Member States have already gone fur free.

The role of EU Commissioner Andriukaitis is extremely dubious in this case. “The Commissioner responsible for animal welfare is vehemently, almost rabbid, against any criticism from animal welfare organizations. He simply denies the animal welfare organizations the dialogue. It’s unclear what drives him here, “says Dungler.
“It seems he wants to pull this project absolutely, which is against any animal welfare idea”!
While more and more EU member states recognize the spirit of the time and prohibit fur farming, the EU Commissioner goes exactly in the other direction.


The irony: Almost a year ago, EU Commissioner Andriukaitis was guest and speaker at the 1st International Animal Welfare Summit organized by FOUR PAWS in Vienna. At that time he said verbatim:

“Animal welfare is a very important part of my responsibility and indeed one of my personal priorities as Commissioner for Health and Food Safety. We should not take our foot off the pedal, not slow down our animal welfare activities. There are still many issues that need to be resolved and we need to continue to proactively make EU animal welfare policies a reality. “

A number of Member States, such as Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Croatia and the United Kingdom have banned the keeping of fur animals by law.
There are no longer any fur farms there, or this practice will expire after a transitional period.
Similar arrangements have been announced for Poland, Ireland, Lithuania and Estonia, or are under consideration.
In Denmark the keeping of foxes on fur farms is prohibited. In Austria, the last fur farm closed its doors in 1998.

Other EU Member States, notably Germany, Italy and Sweden, have adopted stricter animal husbandry requirements which are likely to lead to a short-term outbreak of this practice. A closure of the last German mink farm is expected by mid-2022 at the latest.

My comment: The Dachau’s fur farms in all countries are worse than anyone can imagine from the outside.


Buyers have to see what happens in fur farms. If we are honest, without consumers there are no such crematoriums anymore.

Consumers, however, are kept away from the shocking reality of fur farms by the media and advertising, so that their buying decisions are not compromised.

On the other hand, on such corrupt politicians, says Andriukaitis, the fur mafia sets now new hope that the bloody business will be resumed. And this new form of fur farming restoration is called in the “Moral vocabulary” of Andriukaitis with the code name “Reference Center for Animal Welfare”!

“Moral” they do not know … the MEP`s… “Empathy” is missing by them completely … Corruption is the norm in circles of the EU!

Please, sign the petition:

Best regards, Venus


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