Mexico says: “Yes for Jalisco without cruelty”!




Animal Equality has launched Jalisco Without Cruelty, a new campaign to change animal protection laws in Jalisco, Mexico, and asks lawmakers to pass legislation that would make cruelty against farmed animals in the state a crime.

THE DETAILS: In February of 2019, an initiative was proposed to the Jalisco congress on behalf of Animal Equality by Deputy Salvador Caro Cabrera that would protect more than 200 million farmed animals each year. Deputy Caro also presented a video showing cruelty on farms in Jalisco and asked the legislative body to approve the initiative.

HOW WE GOT HERE: From 2016 to 2017, Animal Equality entered 31 slaughterhouses in 7 states of Mexico, including the state of Jalisco, where most animals are raised and killed for food in the country. Our investigators found that animals are killed while they are still conscious and die in agony, and discovered that there is no way to prosecute those who acted against the regulations that prohibit it.

WHAT WE’RE SAYING: “More than 200 million animals would be protected by this proposed law,” explained Animal Equality’s Executive Director of Mexico, Dulce Ramírez. “I am urging lawmakers to vote Yes for Jalisco Without Cruelty and make this initiative a reality.”

WHAT COMES NEXT: We want to make sure that the mistreatment of farmed animals is exposed and that for the first time in Mexico, cruelty against farmed animals would be considered a crime. We are urging Jalisco’s congressmen to vote “yes” to Jalisco Without Cruelty and are actively lobbying those in government to make this a reality.

We need your help as well – please share this campaign with your friends and family in Mexico and urge them to contact their congressmen.


Note: the petition is in Spanish, because it is addressed to the Congress of Jalisco. By the video, it’s clear what it’s about, so I did not translate.

My comment: Taking into account that in Mexico (almost) only meat is eaten, this initiative is all the more courageous and commendable and we absolutely must support it.
One thing only amazes me: that this petition has been launched for three weeks, and not even has 10,000 signatures.
We must finally understand that without solidarity and agreement, our fight for the rights of animals will become ever weaker, and those that cause or support suffering and misery in the farms will become ever stronger.

Active and in solidarity with the animals, that must be our leitmotif!


I was made to save animalspg


My best regards, Venus


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