UK: I Animal -Do YOU Want to See The Modern Animal Farming Systems Through the Eyes of Farm Animals ? – If Yes, Read On.


We have covered this project before but feel it is worth looking at again as the 360 degree panorama made available gives un an insight directly into the world of the animal at the facility.  At the end of this post we give details on how to view in 360 degrees if you are not familiar;

Regards Mark – WAV


Dear Mark,

In 2016 we launched our virtual reality project iAnimal. This innovative project provides a unique and immersive view behind the scenes of the meat and dairy industries.

To see the world through the eyes of an animal, to feel their fear and desperation, to share their suffering – iAnimal has the potential to change our attitude towards animals permanently.

iAnimal is narrated by our famous animal-loving friends: Evanna Lynch, Amanda Abbington and Peter Egan. The modern 360° technology literally places the viewer in the world of a farmed animal. For many people it is a life-changing experience.

With the help of our generous supporters and volunteers, we take iAnimal to events, festivals, universities and other public places to raise awareness about farmed animal suffering.

Education is the first step to helping animals.

For the animals,

Dr Toni Shephard

Exec Director – UK.


WAV Comment – To Use:


Click on this link –

Click on the Yellow box – 360

Then you can hold down the LEFT button of your computer mouse, and move your mouse left, right, up or down to get a wider view of the situation.

On the left side of the screen there is a box where you can select to watch other videos if you wish.



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