Rabbit Farming in the EU – A Shame on EU Subsidies.

zerissene EU-Flagge am Stock


Did you know that Rabbit farming is the No 1 farming practice in the EU ? – nations such as France, Italy and Spain.  Rabbit farming even outweighs chicken farming. Here are a selection of words and undercover video investigations from Compassion In World farming who are based in London.



A dirty business

Our investigators documented appalling suffering, with rabbits confined in tiny cages of bare wire, causing injuries and stress, and leaving them unable to express their natural behaviours of hopping, moving freely, digging or hiding.

In many farms the cages were coated in the fur of rabbits long gone, and in some cases dead rabbits had been left to rot outside sheds in digger trucks, in the walkways between cage rows, on top of the cages or in the cages with other young rabbits.



Underneath the cages, there were mounds of faeces that in some farms generated horrifically overpowering ammonia smells and made it hard to breathe. In one farm our investigator had to wade through the waste just to check on the rabbits’ welfare, so long had it been since a clean out.

Some of the farms visited were heavily reliant on antibiotics to treat the animals and prevent disease spreading like wildfire through the cramped cages. One farm was spending €25,000 per year on treatment alone to keep the production line alive long enough to reach the slaughterhouse. Other farms didn’t even attempt to treat the sick and injured rabbits – and there were many falling victim to eye and fungal infections and respiratory conditions.

End the Cage !


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