US: the cat -horror Lab of Maryland




A recent report from a US NGO (Non Government Organisation) suggests  that in a US state laboratory, cats are infected with the infectious disease toxoplasmosis for research purposes. For years they were given the meat of dogs and other cats.

In addition, laboratory mice have been injected with the tissue of sick cats.

Certain tests were quite bizarre and included feeding the cats the body parts of other animals – dogs and other cats – infected with toxoplasmosis, injecting mice with fluids harvested from dead animals, and so on. The body parts, those were for the food of the kittens, had been procured by the USDA at animal meat markets in China and Vietnam (!!!) according to the report.

Research on food safety

The shocking information on conditions at the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center, a US Department of Agriculture research center in the state of Maryland, has now been disclosed in a report by the White Coat Waste Project, which combats government-sponsored animal testing.

The report highlights the activities of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), specifically its research into toxoplasmosis, which has been going on since 1982 at the Animal Parasitic Disease Lab in Beltsville, Maryland. Toxoplasmosis is a parasite disease, believed to be affecting nearly half of humankind and many domestic animals.

It poses only health risks to those, whose immune system is weakened, and it usually evokes no noticeable symptoms.


The infected cats were then tested, parasitic eggs were harvested from their feces and the cats were killed two weeks lateras they had developed immunity. Although the animals were perfectly alright to adopt and the potential owners had not taken any health risks, thousands of healthy kittens were illegally euthanized.

Not all kittens become infected with the disease as a result. However, they are still killed instead of being rehomed. And so USDA has “disposed of” thousands of healthy kittens. “These healthy kittens –who briefly pass the parasite’s eggs and become immune within weeks– are then killed and incinerated by USDA because they are no longer useful,” the report states.

US Agrikultur Ministerium pgUS Department of Agriculture

“A total of 2,988 cats have been used in these research efforts that began in 1982,” USDA administrator Chavonda Jacobs-Young wrote in a response to an inquiry from Congress in May, according to the Washington Post. 

The cats will then be euthanized and burned – as well as using them for tests in the first place- a practice that has often led to criticism in the past. “It is unnecessary and unjustifiable,” the watchdog stated. The scientific value of such tests has been very limited and even further diminished in the last two decades.

cat horror MarylandJPG

“Animal experiments conducted by the USDA are an example of ‘incredible’ hypocrisy, especially as the US Congress condemned cat and dog meat farms and markets.
The congress has banned them in the US to put pressure on other countries that had such markets, “said Justin Goodman, vice president of the White Coat Waste project.

“The US government has been sending people and money over to these countries and subsidizing these horrible cat and dog meat farms and markets, that Congress is so disgusted with, and virtually everyone in America wants to see ended.  So it’s incredibly ironic and hypocritical,” Goodman told RT. “And I think it is a testament to the incredible lack of accountability at the USDA. When on one hand you have the entire nation working to stop the practice that the USDA is helping to keep alive.


Truth is that virtually any experiment on animals in the United States is legal as long as the right paperwork is filled out.”

While the USDA admitted that a “total of 2,988 cats have been used in these research efforts,” the animal rights group believes the death toll for felines is actually considerably higher. Last year, it sued the USDA, accusing it of withholding information on the cat-horror Maryland laboratory.

Watchdog group White Coat Waste Project wants the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), which runs the lab, to end the experiments and disclose all information about the harrowing tests.


My comment: Again someone was bribed from the pharmaceutical Mafia to conduct such experiments! And with the money of the US citizens! What was done there is against any normal ethics, absolutely unnecessary and disgusting.

Animal cruelty and corruption, nothing more.

I would give the people a lifelong professional ban.

My best regards, Venus


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