USA: You Did It ! – YOU Helped Save Wild Horses from Slaughter.


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In a big win for animals, the U.S. government has reinstated rules to stop large purchases of wild horses and burros, protecting them from money-hungry “kill buyers” who want to ship them off to slaughter by the hundreds to turn a profit.

Under these protections, nobody may purchase more than four animals every 6 months, blocking the mass killing of horses at foreign slaughterhouses.

Victory! U.S. Reinstates Laws to Protect Wild Horses from Slaughter

Hundreds of thousands of readers have signed LFT petitions or sent comments to the Bureau of Land Management to stop the slaughter of America’s wild horses, and other activists and organizations across the country are working hard to stop the killing. This new decision shows that our voices are being heard, and takes us one major step closer to stopping the slaughter for good.

However, the fight for wild horses and burros is not over, and we will not rest until the slaughter of these majestic animals is banned completely.

There is hope: a bipartisan bill recently reintroduced to Congress, called the Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act, H.R. 961, would completely halt the transport of wild and domestic American horses and burros overseas for slaughter. Speak out to help this ban pass!

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Sign the petition to ban all slaughter of America’s horses, finally ending the killing for good.




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