Animal testing for the poison glyphosate



Animal testing for glyphosate

Scientists and authorities have been discussing the use of glyphosate and other pesticides for years. While some experts believe that glyphosate can cause cancer in humans, others rely on the opposite. So far, no satisfactory agreement has been reached. The new approval of glyphosate by the EU in 2017 has provoked strong calls for a revision of the regulatory process.


The poison kills not only “weeds” but also other plants and is thus a major cause of the massive extinction of species, because the animals are deprived of their livelihood. The International Agency for Research on Cancer’s (IARC) Cancer Research Agency classified it as “probably carcinogenic to humans” in a March 2015 report.

However, the WHO / FAO Panel on Pesticide Residues (JMPR), on the basis of its own commissioned studies, found that the chemical would pose no threat to humans.

Animal testing for glyphosate

For decades countless animal tests have been conducted to determine the “safety” of glyphosate, in which thousands of rats, dogs, mice and rabbits were tortured and killed. Although glyphosate is extensively used in agricultural and consumer products, it seems more divided than ever before on its potential toxicity!!


Unreliable animal experiments on cancer

Regulators rely mainly on an attempt to develop rodent cancer. The test requires hundreds of rats and / or mice to determine if a chemical causes cancer in humans. It is now well known that the test results vary in part and their validity for human health is therefore doubtful.

“In contrast, epidemiological studies point to a danger of the weed killer and in contrast to the animal experiment have a very high relevance in their validity,” said Dr. med. med. vet. Gaby Neumann, Research Associate of the Medical Association.

To determine whether glyphosate is carcinogenic in humans, international reviewers reviewed 14 separate cancer tests on rodents (8 rats and 6 mice), using more than 3,500 animals. None of these experiments gave the same results when repeated!

Animal experiments as a danger

When studies produce questionable results, there is an amazing trend – more animal testing is required! This not only causes further animal suffering but also leads to regulatory decisions that take years or even decades.

According to the chairman of the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, more than 100 individual studies were carried out for only seven of the prescribed toxicity tests of glyphosate. At least 31,000 animals were killed for it.


Mice and rats were force-fed with chemicals and killed

For a single such cancer test on mice or rats, 400 animals are needed.

Begin as soon as the rat or mouse babies no longer have to be breastfed. Usually they are then forcibly fed with chemicals administered through a tube in the throat.
The substances often cause side effects, including long-term, painful tumor growth, but also nausea, tremors and convulsions. The animals receive a daily dose of these chemicals for up to two years. After that, they are killed and dissected.

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These experiments mean pain, suffering and death for every single animal. If the authorities and scientists really care about the protection of human health, they need to recognize how unreliable these tests are and instead rely on methods that are actually relevant to humans.

The data obtained from these laboratory tests can not reliably predict adverse health effects in humans. There are hardly any doubts: Animal testing poses a danger to humans. And the problem can not be solved by throwing even more money out of the window for completely irrelevant animal experiments!

The different assessments are partly due to different results from experiments on rats, according to which the agent was sometimes classified as carcinogenic and sometimes not.
Once again, in the case of glyphosate, results from animal experiments are worthless because they are extremely unreliable.

Meaningful alternative methods

Fortunately, a paradigm shift towards animal-free testing is already under way. Today, there are several technologies based on human cells, and computer models that can predict many negative health consequences, such asf or example: Skin and eye reactions.


The regulatory authorities rely instead on animal testing – tests whose results are not transferable to humans, and even pose a danger to him.

The case of glyphosate shows this clearly.

“Thus, toxicity tests must finally be based on animal-free research methods, such as human cell cultures, in order to achieve usable results,” concludes Dr. med. vet. Gaby Neumann.


These new technologies, which are actually relevant to humans, bring us a long way towards eliminating unreliable animal experiments. This will make it possible to make reliable predictions about the safety of chemicals in the future, and protect human health accordingly!


My comment: For the manufacturers of this poison (Bayer / Monsanto) it is only marginally around this poison, which annually generates $ 10 billion in revenue worldwide. Much more important is the sale of genetically modified hybrid seeds, especially soy, maize and wheat, which is resistant to glyphosate. This is where the really big money is made and endless dependency is created. The annual turnover is estimated at 180 billion dollars. Glyphosate and its application products like RoundUp are just the means to an end!

More and more countries want or have already banned glyphosate.

A new study also confirms that people who are heavily exposed to glyphosate-containing pesticides have a 41% increased risk of developing a cancer called non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Angela Merkel’s (Chancellor of Germany) speech at the German Farmers’ Day in June 2017 contained a clear commitment to glyphosate: “What about glyphosate? I just want to reiterate the position of the government. The Commission has now made an extension. I know that this extension is not eternal. We will work to ensure that you continue to use this substance where it is needed. I want to say that again here. ”


Today, the biggest CRIMINALS AND MASS MURDERERS get golden needles on their jackets, a lot of money, and torment animals in the lab to convince some idiots that everything is for our good!

My best regards, Venus




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