England: Happy Mothers Day !


………… Not such for Calves.


mother day calf


Male calves are a by product of the dairy industry.

Cows have to be in calf to continually produce milk.

Only females are kept in order to be continually impregnated to produce more calves and thus milk for human consumption.

The males are either slaughtered or kept for a very short time – further fattening or veal production.

Boycott dairy and think about these videos each time you consume cows milk.


breast milk

Below 2018 – Live calves (from Scotland) being exported by the Dutchman ‘Onderwater’ out of Ramsgate, England – protester footage here.

Onderwater runs a business associated with the export of live animals from the UK.  He operates a bathtub ship named the ‘Joline’ which the English AR consider is not worthy enough to operate cross Channel sailings – he runs the Joline between Ramsgate in England and Calais in France.



The Joline is an ex Soviet battle tank carrying vessel which was used on rivers; not as a cross Channel transporter carrier. See the video above of the Joline and decide if you consider it is fit for carrying any live animal transporters.




mothers day 2

2 thoughts on “England: Happy Mothers Day !”

  1. This is just heartbreaking, cruel, and downright evil. I don’t understand why people don’t care, and why it’s so easy to engage in such destructive, cruel, and UNNECESSARY behaviour. 😦


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