The fate of a Greek puppy


In September 2009, this picture had caused outrage, anger, and numerous petitions worldwide.
It comes from a town on the island of Crete, Greece, and shows a pitbull puppy bathed in blood because a shit teenager, his owner, cut off his ears with the sheep scissors!! welpe mit geschnittenen Ohren_

The then 19-year-old budding murderer had proudly published the crime via FB and was therefore caught.
Nobody knows whether he was punished.

What is known is the great happiness of the mutilated dog.
He was adopted in Sweden three years after the torture.

Today he has a nice family on his side, people who were then attentive and sensitive to his fate via Facebook and adopted him.
The video says it all.

And I mean…Nothing works more than a victim who has survived torture and murder. A surviving victim is a sting in the flesh of the violent offender.

Hundreds of thousands of evil Facebook comments will never be able to develop as much strength against the psychopath as the pictures of happy, beautiful and characterful animals that were saved and finally get the opportunity to show who they are.

My best regards to all, Venus

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