Austria: the failed uprising of a slave

A 44-year-old was injured by a cow in the Innsbruck-Land district (Austria) a week ago.


The man was unloading the animal from the trailer on the way to the butcher when the cow became aggressive (!!!)

-kuh-drama-kastl-Qy6aIcon image

He could no longer hold the animal and the cow ran away. The man was injured by a kick on the thigh.

The police reported that the animal was shot “because of the unpredictability of the animal and the risk that it would run onto the busy road,” because the animal ran into an open space next to a federal highway.

A hunter or, more precisely, a butcher was notified.
The federal road was completely closed during the period of use.

And I mean…Every slave uprising was always severely punished.

Now he is dead, shot by the solidarity partners of the slave owners, who are always on the perpetrator side, and declare the murder in the protocol, “for road safety”.

You have to be an asshole to demonstrate all your power on the weak and defenseless.

My best regards to all, Venus

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