Animal lives matter

The black people in the US have started fighting for their freedom again.

black lives matterjpg

When will we go out on the streets for the animals and protest massively and united against their slavery, against the fascist system of their exploitation?

When, if not now? Now, that the corona gives us the weapon, we have to use demonstrations to force criminal politicians to end the indescribable suffering of slaves in every animal industry.

Symbolic actions, candles, and selfies on the Internet may be profitable, but they don’t stop anyone, the animals will continue to die.

Kuh mit angebundenen Augen im Blutn

The current struggle of black people in the United States shows it clearly:
Each of these murderous mechanisms is man-made and can be broken by people.
Che Guevara said: “even the strongest walls fall when they get cracks”.

Now is the time for direct confrontation, the time of the cracks.

My best regards to all, Venus

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