Tradition: the other name of the entertainment industry



Camel fights (Turkish Deve güreşi) is the traditional camel fight in western Anatolia.

This originally probably Yörük (Nomadic) tradition was revived by tourism. And again there are old traditions that are supposed to justify such cruelty to animals.

After all, this is about profit and satisfying the entertainment addiction of tourists and locals.
And how could it be otherwise: Of course there is the right camel meat for the carnivores.


And I mean…When animals are tortured and end up involuntarily and painfully in death, it is no longer tradition, it is much more than that.

It is an industry that the profiteers operate out of greed for money and sell it to the handful of tourists as “culture” or “tradition”.

The main victims of “traditions” are mostly animals because animals cannot defend themselves and are therefore used as available means for every purpose.

Under the guise of tradition, the worst crimes are committed in the animal sector, which is justified as “social”, “normal”, “natural”, or “necessary”.

It is high time for the human species to evolve.

My best regards to all, Venus

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