What is the problem

Zitat über Fleischindustrie o

In 2014, 346 million kilograms of meat ended up in the trash.

13 million pigs don’t even reach the slaughterhouse

Up to 80% of the workforce are contract workers who live in collective accommodation and often earn less than the minimum wage.

The meat industry has no Corona – Problem.

The meat industry is THE problem.

My best regards to all, Venus

One thought on “What is the problem”

  1. The meat industry is obviously the main reason for the existence of Covid 19 infectious disease ( and of course all chronic non-communicable diseases , leaders are heart tack, cancers, brain strocke, diabetes, etc). Well I guess it makes sense to ban the meat industry and not keep people in solitary confinement in quarantine,and sell them vaccines and corticosteroids, respirators, masks and funerals, and one man in USA must pay million and 100 thousend dollars for 62 days in hospital.These are dirty jobs. Right way is ban animal agri-torture so called animal-agriculture.


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