England: Hogwood; A Modern Horror Story; Coming To You Very Soon.




We are thrilled to announce that HOGWOOD: a modern horror story will be available to stream on Amazon Prime, Apple TV and Google Play Movies from 25 June 2020!


We are inviting you to follow our intrepid group of undercover investigators as they enter HOGWOOD farm for the very first time and beyond. The conspiracy unfolds as we fight against some of the most powerful players in the animal agriculture industry. This is a gripping tale of negligence, greed and inaction, and our unrelenting fight to help the pigs trapped in Hogwood Farm.



This is a momentous milestone for us and we could not have done it without your support. You helped us show the demand for this film to be made and now, it will be screened to the masses!


The Hogwood Story


Viva! investigated Hogwood pig farm four times from 2017 to 2019. Year after year, we recorded a catalogue of cruelty including extreme overcrowding, routine mutilation, sick and dying pigs abandoned in gangways, painful lacerations and live cannibalism.


To make matters worse, Hogwood was a Red Tractor approved farm which supplied supermarket giant Tesco and supposedly represented the best of British farming. But we proved otherwise!

With your support, we took to the streets and held over 300 nationwide demonstrations outside Tesco stores. We broadcast the undercover footage on national news web sites and from massive video vans and distributed hundreds of thousands of leaflets about Hogwood farm. We publicly shamed and petitioned Tesco to drop Hogwood, taking our campaign directly to their supply chain director to deliver the petition in person. Finally, in 2019, after the final ground-breaking investigation, Red Tractor and Tesco dropped Hogwood.


Despite this landslide victory, Hogwood remains the most disturbing and harrowing investigation of them all. We couldn’t help but think about the pigs trapped inside Hogwood farm, and other farms across the country which are just like Hogwood. We knew the fight was not over yet and so earlier this year, with your overwhelming support, we produced HOGWOOD: a modern horror story. Now we need your help to get this film seen by the masses.

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