Tönnies empire is for 14 days closed!

After the corona outbreak at the meat company Tönnies, 1,029 employees already tested positive for corona, which means that the number of infected people almost doubled within a few days.
The district administrator has closed the company, schools, and daycare centers.

Tönnies Clemens pgClemens Tönnies, with a small piece of his wealth in his hand


We recently reported: https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2020/06/18/germany-alarm-mood-at-the-meat-baron-tonnies/

And so … the Tönnies meat empire in Rheda-Wiedenbrück is closed for 14 days (!!!) The district decided it, as the head of the crisis team said.

However, some employees can work in the so-called quarantine. This means that they can only switch between their place of work and where they live. This also applies to Clemens Tönnies.

The district of Gütersloh and occupational safety were given access to Tönnies personnel files on Saturday evening.

“The company was unable to provide us with all the addresses. The company has always reacted slowly,” said the head of the crisis team.
By Friday, Tönnies had delivered employee lists in which 30 percent of the addresses were missing (!!)

“The trust that we put in Tönnies is zero. I have to say it so clearly,” said the head of the crisis team.

Vigorous demonstrations are now taking place in front of the Tönnies meat factory.

coronavirus-infektio-tönnies demos



And I mean…The German Minister of Economics tried to calm us down: “The supply of food is a valuable commodity and I want the trust in food and meat ” made in Germany ” to be maintained”!

I assume that the Tönies family has paid enough donations for the government lobbyists. This means that there will be no difficulties for the further existence of the Tönnies Empire when the first excitement is over.

Incidentally, Clemens Tönnies has used this tactic of withdrawing (home office) very often in the past, and thus saved himself from bad consequences due to other scandals. As soon as the situation calms down, the home office is over, and everything continues as before.

Our corporations can afford anything. Here, Eastern European citizens are exploited, farm animals tortured immeasurably, other companies have long relocated their production to Eastern Europe and sell it as German brand quality. Protected by the German government.

Incidentally, the slaughter industry association has already threatened to relocate production to Eastern Europe.
Old friends will meet there again.

My best regards to all, Venus

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