Finning: a crime against sharks!

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Fish come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. They are spotted, dotted, striped, transparent, or glow in the dark. They are a few centimeters tall or many meters long like the whale shark, currently the largest fish in the world.

Hai mit Punkten oThe largest specimen ever measured was 13.7 m long.

Whale sharks have lived on this planet for 60 million years. Under the pressure of global fisheries, whether as by-catch or as a targeted target due to their meat, fins, and liver oil, their survival is under threat.

In July 2016, whale sharks were classified as endangered on the IUCN (World Conservation Union) Red List of Threatened Species.
Nevertheless, the hunt for them continues!

With our campaigns against illegal, unregulated, and undocumented fishing, we prevent the killing of whale sharks and many other sea creatures.


Help us to help them! #ForTheOceans

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My comment and Information: Finning is probably the most senseless fishing practice on the world’s oceans.

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The shark fins are cut off – usually when the animals are still alive. The animals are then thrown overboard because their meat is almost worthless compared to the fins.

These fins are then used on the Asian market for an almost tasteless shark fin soup, for which around 90 euros are paid.

In 2013 EU legislation banned the so-called “shark finning”, the removal of shark fins and subsequent disposal of the animal in the sea.
However, there were exceptions that, in certain cases, made it possible to separate fins on the high seas.

stopp finning 3PG
In 2013, these exceptions were also abolished.

Eight years ago, on November 22, 2012, the EU Parliament voted to tighten the ban on “shark finning” and to close existing loopholes in the law.

Accordingly, the following is mandatory: EU fishing vessels that catch sharks worldwide, or ships that catch sharks within the EU, must keep the animals’ fins on their bodies.
An exception applies to ships that are allowed to separate the fins if they can demonstrate that they use all parts of the fish. These also require special approval.

Spain and Portugal have usually used this exception for bad business.

The “Baz” case

During an inspection on September 5, 2017, the Spanish ship “Baz” was caught in the territorial waters of the West African island state of São Tomé and Príncipe.  The “Baz” violated the EU’s finning rules.

Official documents from the Department of Fisheries of the Ministry of Finance and Trade in Sao Tome show the extent of the crime: under the catch of the “baz”, consisting of tuna, swordfish, and other species, there were 69 tons of sharks and fins about two-thirds of that entire cargo.

In addition, the inspectors found so-called J-hooks on the ship, which are prohibited for fish and are mainly used for predatory fish such as sharks.

“When we came across the base and found that the number of sharks on board was twice that of other fish, it was clear that this is a ship that mainly catches sharks, although it does fish under a tuna agreement,” said Peter Hammarstedt, campaign manager at Sea Shepherds.

However, the “Baz” not only actively fished for sharks and replaced their fins on board, but also violated the regulations of the European Council of 1185/2003 and the latter, the amended from 605/2013

The “Baz” was fined $ 45,000 by the Sao Tome fisheries directorate for processing the catches without official authorization. The EU has not commented on this case until today.

Hammarstedt is convinced that ships like the “Baz” will not be sanctioned and will, therefore, continue to violate the anti-finning regulations of Brussels.

shea Shepard slogan-Petition

As far as I know, the petition Stop finning is still open, please sign!

My best regards to all, Venus

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