Spain: Bird catchers and their criminal works


Committee Against Bird Murder e.V.
June 18 at 4:15 pm · Share publicly

This morning, a team from the Committee caught a bird catcher in Spain.

The bird guards were involved in the inspection of trapping sites near Valencia, which were found in our ORPHEUS online bird protection camp this spring by on satellite images.

Komite Spanien jpg
Several of the catch points were freshly prepared but not active.

There was also a well-known place on the way where they could already see from afar that decoy cages were installed on a bush.

Komite Spanien 3 _o
The immediately called environmental police of the provincial police (agentes medioambientales) caught the poacher in the act – he had already caught six goldfinches with the net, they were released together with the two illegally kept decoys.

Komite Spanien 2_o
The pictures are from the action this morning.

Komite Spanien 4o


And I mean…These songbirds reach a body length of 12 to 13 centimeters and are therefore somewhat smaller than sparrows. Weighing between 14 and 19 grams, they weigh about as much as two one-euro pieces.
So, as a delicacy, these animals are hardly profitable.
But they are still hunted for captivity.
Many buy a songbird, they lock the animal in a cage and they call it pet animal!


Until the 20th century, the cheerful goldfinches were coveted house birds.
The catch of the Goldfinch is now prohibited by the EU Birds Directive.
Nevertheless, as we read, illegal bird catchers in some EU countries do lively business at the expense of these animals – in Malta, for example, it even happens with an official blessing: In 2014 came in force a controversial national exemption for catching finches in autumn and winter!!

The EU Commission has already initiated a procedure, so far without success.

Compared to animals, humans are habitual criminals, said Karl Heinz Deschner.
And he was right!

My best regards to all, Venus

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