The ugly truth about “wonder weapon” botox

Video of the undercover investigation by the British animal rights organization Cruelty-Free International at the Wickham Laboratory, Hampshire.

“The BUAV (today = Cruelty-Free International) has carried out an undercover investigation inside a major UK animal laboratory and discovered the ugly truth about botox animal testing.

Our investigator found that at a lab in Hampshire around 74,000 mice a year are being subjected to cruel poisoning tests for botox. “

The Sloan Pharma company has its Botox preparation Neurobloc tested on 46,800 mice!

Protest directly at the company. We have prepared sample letters.

Botox is the trade name of one of the preparations from the neurotoxin botulinum toxin. The poison is used for medical, but mainly for cosmetic purposes.


A small injection and the wrinkles on the face have disappeared for a few months!!
But the price for youthful looks is still paid by thousands of mice – Europe alone at least 400,000 a year!

Botox Karikatur pg
Sloan Pharma alone received LD50 tests on 46,800 mice in 2019. The painful animal experiments are carried out at the Hamburg laboratory LPT, Germany  (We have often reported on LPT

Botulinum toxin is the most potent poison. Because of its dangerousness, each production unit is tested in painful animal tests, the so-called LD50 test on mice, before it goes on sale.

botox mausg
With our campaign launched in 2007, we have achieved that the public is aware of these terrible animal experiments and that more and more manufacturers are switching to methods that do not use animal experiments.


Market leader Allergan received official approval in 2011 for a cell culture method for testing its botox products.

The Frankfurt-based company Merz received approval for a self-developed cell culture method in November 2015. However, both companies only replace a large part of their animal experiments but claim that they are aiming for a complete replacement.

The French manufacturer Ipsen finally received approval in the EU and Switzerland for a cell-based test in August 2018 – 7 years after Allergan.

These stage wins show that our years of campaigning are effective!
Without the constant pressure from the public, these great successes would not have been achieved, or only much more slowly. We have achieved this success together with you, dear supporters! Thank you to everyone who supported our campaign!

New campaign goal: Sloan-Pharma

Current research by doctors against animal experiments has shown that the Japanese company Eisai -with a branch in Frankfurt- sells its botulinum toxin B preparation Neurobloc 2018 to the company Sloan Pharma, based in Luxembourg and Switzerland.
Eisai had “consumed” a total of 60,000 mice for Neurobloc in 2014/2015.

Tote_Mäuse _Botox jpg

“We have been campaigning against the group since 2015. This had an effect: According to our own information, Eisai was working on a cell culture method,” explains Dr. med. vet. Corina Gericke, Vice President of Doctors Against Animal Experiments. “But with the sale of the preparation, it starts all over again!”

Now it starts all over again!

According to our information, Sloan Pharma is only now beginning to develop a method free of animal testing. This can take many years.

At the same time, the company received LD50 tests on 46,800 mice in 2019.

botox tote mäuserg
The tests were carried out at the Hamburg LPT laboratory, Germany,  until it closed in February 2020. Where they have taken place since then is currently unclear.

We cannot accept that! Doctors against animal experiments will continue to put pressure on the manufacturers, especially Ipsen and Eisai until not a single animal has to die for the anti-wrinkle preparation.

Now to push the end of the horrific botox animal testing, we have to put pressure on Sloan Pharma. The company should suspend the production of Neurobloc® until its cell test is approved!

Let Sloan Pharma feel the pressure of the public and write!

Tierversuchsfreie-Kosmetik-Maus-jpeg = (Please write to the company Sloan Pharma and Federal Minister of Agriculture Klöckner. Here you will find the addresses and prepared sample letters for sending e-mails. Simply copy the letters into an email in German).


Information… The three largest manufacturers of botox are “Allergan”, “Merz” and “Ipsen”.

Food giant “Nestlé” has also been selling botulinum toxin products since 2015, which are tested on mice and generate record sales.

Market leader “Allergan” posted sales of $ 1.2 billion in 2006. Botox is also a profitable business for doctors. An injection costs 200 to 600 euros, which corresponds to a six to 20-fold profit margin.

According to research, 350,000 to 400,000 mice fell victim to botox production in Europe in 2015. In 2015 alone, 150,000 mice are said to have been legally killed in Germany alone.

The number takes on dimensions that are hard to imagine if you add the markets of North America and Asia.

Because of the risk of botox, the EU has ordered an agonizing animal experiment. According to Section 7 of the Animal Welfare Act, animal testing for cosmetics is prohibited.

Although almost half of the botox preparations are used for cosmetic purposes, botox products are approved as a medication for, among other things, cramps, torticollis, or grinding of teeth.

Botox_Patientin_Botox jpg

Due to these numerous possible uses, the animal testing ban for cosmetics does not apply here. In this way, the ban on animal testing for cosmetics and their ingredients in the EU and Germany is circumvented.

The European Pharmacopoeia regulates the manufacture, designation, testing, and storage of pharmaceutical products on an international level.

It prescribes an LD50 test in mice for each (!) production unit (batch) of botulinum toxin.
The EU is also opposing the development of alternatives to the cruel toxicity test on mice.

the-fountain-of-youth-Lucas cranach arge

And I mean…The dream of eternal youth is old and has evolved with every culture.

In 1546 the German painter Lucas Cranach painted this picture titled “The Fountain of Youth”.

We cannot know whether the absurdity of this picture is wanted.
But if we want to reach  “The Fountain of Youth” with botox today, we can say with certainty that it is absurd.
Absurd and ridiculous. Because it is associated with millions of animal suffering.

My best regards to all, Venus

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