India: Wet Markets and the Biggest Covid Daily Spike From the WHO. Spot the Link ? – copy link and ask questions.




Hi all;


Both Venus and myself have been having some issues over the last few days, hence the restricted ability at the moment to try and post several posts regarding animal issues each day.


Hopefully later this week we will e better health wise and will be able to get more back to normal.

This morning I have had contact with our friends at Peta in India.  I am copying their words and showing the very disturbing video which goes with it – re the continuing existence of wet markets; this time in India itself.  Personally, I have major concerns that many national governments who are trying to do their best with Covid / Coronavirus, do not have the guts to make contact with overseas nations and governments which still allow wet markets to exists.  Watch the video and what is happening – then tell me that Covid will reduce; I doubt it !


As of today, 13/7/20; India has 879,888 cases of Coronavirus; and currently 23,200 deaths.


Look at the article from the BBC (UK) 4 days ago:


And yet still; there seems to be no movement from governments to completely shut down wet markets.  We are constantly informed that the original source of the virus was at a wet market Wuhan in China; see some of our past links:


…  and there are more; but the above provide enough info on the issue.


All we can ask is that people contact their own national governments / representatives; and supply them with the video link issued by Peta India.



Here is the link if you wish to copy and send to your ‘masters’;-

– does the very start of this video not make it clear why the world is in crisis ?


Only when governments have the guts to contact others and start asking questions about why wet markets STILL continue, and Coronavirus cases are on the rise in some of these nations; will we really start to address the issue.  I really think that until we witness decisive action from the WHO, and national governments which still allow the existence of these wet markets; we will all globally be confined to a life which is now very different to what we have experienced in the past.  For how long have the animal rights movement been trying to show problems associated with wet markets ?  – they were ignored, abut now the world is suffering big time as a result.


Regards Mark


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