USA: Walmart Cruelty Exposed.



A breaking PETA undercover investigation into a typical American egg farm that supplies eggs to Walmart—which sells them under its “Great Value” brand—reveals that more than 100,000 hens were yanked out of their cages and crudely gassed.

Workers tried but failed to break other hens’ necks—causing them a prolonged, agonizing death.

Hundreds more hens suffered and died in their cages. PETA’s investigator found that many of them were simply left to decay. The surviving hens were crowded together with these rotting corpses for days on end.


Hens had no place to stand, sit, or lie down except on the wire flooring of their cages, which dug into their feet.

You can make a tremendous difference today for the millions of intelligent, gentle hens who are suffering so severely right now at this Walmart supplier’s farm.

We can bring these and billions of other hens closer to a day free of unrelenting stress, fear, misery, and agony. Please, take a minute to lend your powerful voice in defense of these animals.

Thank you for all that you do for animals.


Daniel Paden
Vice President of Evidence Analysis
Cruelty Investigations Department



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