England: Investigator Friend Richard Helps Viva ! With Expose of Animal Cruelty; and a New Book.




Mark (WAV) and Richard (Rich) worked together on live animal transport issues a long time ago; and they were good friends for years – Richard is one smashing bloke and a true friend of the animals !.  You can see a photo here taken by Mark of Richard (on the right) at the EU HQ in Brussels during a protest against live transport organised, what 20-25 years ago.

Mark remembers; the last time Rich and I met up was at Dover docks here in Kent, England.  Of all times and places;  it was about 0300 hrs and I was at the harbour myself doing live calf and sheep export work; as many UK calves were heading to the Netherlands for crating; which is a terr8ible process. .   He had arrived at the port to catch a ferry across the (English) Channel to do some work in Belgium I think it was.  We came across each other and had a quick chat about export issues and other things before we shook hands and he departed into the darkness to catch the ferry.  I remained at the docks for loaded transporters to arrive; again to catch the ferry.  Sad work, but when you meet people like him; it kind of gets better – Mark.

As you can see below – there are a lot of trucks to keep an eye on.  Fortunately; Dover is not used now for animal exports – it was a major victory for us to stop it.


Here you can see a crated calf ; that’s why we fight for them:


Veal EU 2

Great to see Richard is now doing work for the team at Viva ! – and we wish him every success  !.

A young Richard is on the right in this photo by Mark.

Centre is another great friend and animal campaigner; John C; whop sadly passed a short while back.  You can read our tribute to John here:




John C and Richard H Brussels

Relying on a hidden camera, a bluff and a little bit of luck, award-winning investigative journalist Rich Hardy finds imaginative ways to meet the people and industries responsible for the lives and deaths of billions of animals used to feed, clothe and entertain us.

Listen in to this month’s podcast to hear more about his journey and click below to purchase a copy of new book, Not As Nature Intended, direct from the Viva! Shop.


Listen here  https://www.viva.org.uk/vivapodcast?mc_cid=aac989c91f&mc_eid=26c03356b8



The new book by Richard –  https://vivashop.org.uk/collections/books/products/not-as-nature-intended?mc_cid=aac989c91f&mc_eid=26c03356b8


Richard Hardy


Undercover investigator has exposed some of the most heinous examples of animal abuse around the world for nearly 20 years.

Rich’s pictures and video footage from inside places such as abattoirs, factories, circuses and livestock markets have been used worldwide by more than 20 international animal protection charities, helping to launch campaigns, change laws and inspire people to take action for animals.

He has documented animal suffering in 28 countries, providing organisations with key evidence to push for new welfare laws, pursue animal cruelty prosecutions or raise public awareness about the need to treat animals with kindness and respect.

His many assignments have included infiltrating fur trappers in the USA and monkey breeding farms in Asia, as well as undercover investigations into the meat industry, live exports, ritual slaughter of sheep in Singapore, and the horrific battery farming of rabbits for use in pet food sold in Britain.

The former leader of Surfers Against Sewage has worked with charities including Compassion in World Farming, Born Free, Humane Society International, Eurogroup for Animals, Cruelty Free International, Four Paws and World Animal Protection.

Although his work has been widely featured in campaigns and news outlets, he has always remained anonymous to allow him to continue working undercover. His identity can now be revealed as he is giving up undercover work to focus on activism and campaigning.

Now working with the Veganuary campaign, he also runs a micro-sanctuary for dogs, cats, chickens and ducks he and his partner have rescued from shelters and factory farms.



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