Wales: Start the Day With Great News – From December 2020 Wild Animal Circuses are Banned In Wales. Cruel Circuses are Now Banned In England, Scotland and From 12/20, Wales Also.



Circus March 3


BREAKING: We did it! Wild animal circuses will be banned in Wales


Dear Mark,

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I am delighted to share the great news with you that as of 1st December 2020,

wild animal ciruses will be BANNED in Wales!

Yesterday the Welsh Senedd UNANIMOUSLY voted the new bill into law, which will make the use of wild animals in circuses illegal from 1st December 2020.

This now means that from December these cruel circuses will be banned across Britain, with bans already in place in Scotland and England.

Read more here:

This victory has been a long time coming, with dedicated activists like you fighting for a ban for years. And it has taken a mix of campaigning tactics to achieve – from protest on the ground outside circuses, to lobbying lawmakers to support this ban.


circus no smile


Of course we still have work to do, as not all animals will be covered by this ban. Sadly ‘domestic’ animals were excluded from the bill despite the fact that they too suffer for entertainment. But we can take this victory today and use it to fuel our efforts for these animals too – until all are free!

For now, please go and celebrate this fantastic news, and come back tomorrow ready to campaign once more.

Thank you so much again for your efforts in this fight. You have made history for animals!

For the animals,

Sam Threadgill


P.S. Thank you for all your efforts in this long fought campaign.

What a fantastic victory for animals!



you did it 2




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