England: Stay Foxy.



Hi all;


The system has been down most of the day and has only just returned – it is now 9-30 in the evening (UK time) and it is late to do posts.  Instead I thought I would show you a few fox photos that I have taken in the last couple of years in my front garden.  Over time they got to know me, and because I used to give them some food they knew that they were safe and would not be harmed – as if – me !

Enjoy them – keep wildlife in the wild !

I have a lot – these are just a quick few.

Regards Mark







fopx july 19 two

fox in office 1

Above – this little guy used to pop into the office when I was working on the computer – jump up onto the window ledge and just chill for a while.  Then he would go down out the door and return to his life in the wild.  I had to get a few pictures as when I told friends I had a fox pop into the office; they never believed me !


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