There is no human right to profit through torturing and murdering others.

“New footage was taken by Glass Walls operatives last weekend, but we bet you have seen this all before.  It’s because the same breeding practices are used everywhere in the world and all nations are equally responsible”.


And I mean…No animal in this world deserves to live like this. Factory farming is nothing more than organized crime, a legalized crime.
They are simply the criminals, the meat industry and their clients, the meat-eaters.

Most people are shocked when they see pictures from animal barracks and reject factory farming.
Nevertheless, the conditions are tolerated.
The media participate; that covers corrupt politicians and the meat industry because that’s an unpopular issue that shames so many people who consume animal meat.

Even so, most people eat meat and other animal products who made in exactly these facilities with this suffering.
Law philosopher Gary Francione called this moral schizophrenia.

What is meant is that our beliefs and our behavior contradict each other.

But after all, everyone serves this system with his consumption.
It is the system of maximum financial gain through the maximal legalized exploitation of defenseless.
No more and no less.

My best regards to all, Venus

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