India: 29,429 NEW coronavirus cases IN 1 DAY with total infections nearing one million. Can the Government See the Wood for the Trees ?




No apologies; but is it only people in the animal rights movement who can make the link with what is happening  ?


Very strong original suggestions that it all started at a wet market in Wuhan, China.

Today 15/7/20 – in India alone it is sending 375million people back into lockdown as country suffers record spike of 29,429 NEW coronavirus cases with total infections nearing one million.


Where is this video below from ? – yes, showing Indian wet markets !! – the very first scenes (for a few seconds) say a lot.



Why cant they at least make a link in this case ? – we know 2+2=4;

but governments around the world appear to come up with 37 or something similar – why ?

– don’t they want to really address the root cause of the issue; and better still, do something about it, or not ? – there is not much to show the issues being addressed at present.




I am lost really with the complete government ignorance; what else do you do but try by showing stull like this above; but to no avail.  They are governments; they know better than mere mortals.

Regards Mark



Additional Info:

Viva kill us 1

Viva kill us 2

Viva kill us 3

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