Germany: Feces and fur residues in the meat

Do you remember the scandal in the slaughterhouse of the German pig baron Tönnies?

tönnies Logopg“Tönnies meat… what you can rely on!!!”


After a corona outbreak with hundreds of sick employees (most of them from Eastern countries), the Tönnies plant in Rheda-Wiedenbrück had to close for weeks. Now there is bad news again.

A cold store of Nagel Transthermo GmbH in Dissen, Germany, was cleared due to a rat infestation. Meat from the Tönnies company was also stored there. The animals had apparently been active and able to reproduce there unhindered for more than 5 months.
Been active?


Yes!! the meat was cut up there, i.e. a real cutting plant.

Local newspaper journalists wanted to know more. The local newspaper asked more closely, and the spokesman for the Tönnies Group admitted that the cold store was “used sporadically (!!) to a limited extent, for example for storing goods”.


In a press release dated July 22, 2020, the Osnabrück Administrative Court announced:

“In view of the photos submitted and according to the findings made by the specialist company for pest control, there is no doubt that the products which were produced therefrom the cut-off date are unsuitable for consumption.
Fecal pills, walking paths, fur remains and signs of nest building in the rats were found to an extent that indicated a very large rat population”.


But it gets interesting when you take a closer look at the data !!
Because obviously this problem had been known since January.

According to the findings of the veterinary service, rats have been in increased numbers in areas of the cold store since mid-January, the local newspaper quotes. Control measures have so far been unsuccessful, the rodents “populated” the entire building.

Ratte jpg

Cold store operator Nagel-Transthermos has announced that it will close the affected site in Dissen.

And I mean …Well, thank God I cover my purchase of meat products in a village shop”, a commentator wrote.

Naturally! Anyone who still consumes meat after all the reports from the recent past cannot be scare off by the few rats …..
The meat scandals are not getting smaller, the greed for profit and the shamelessness are becoming clearer.
Slaughterhouse workers are exploited, consumers cheated and endangered, but the real victims are the animals.

Just stop lying to yourself and don`t support this shit financially. Don’t buy it.
Not to caress your conscience or to make you feel better, but because it’s the right thing to do.

My best regards to all, Venus

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