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UK: ‘Who Dares Wins’ – 3 in 10 UK Special Forces Now Insist On A Plant Based Diet.

WAV Comment – the SAS (Special Air Service) is one part of UK special forces; similar to US Seals; Green Berets etc; the SAS Motto ‘Who Dares Wins’.


Special Air Service - Wikipedia


SAS Recruits Go Plant-Based To Avoid Food Poisoning

New recruits joining the Special Air Service (SAS) are reportedly ditching meat to avoid contracting food poisoning.

Host and chief instructor Ant Middleton, who spent four years with the Special Boats Service (SBS) told the press about his vegetarian diet.

‘Plenty of protein’

The 40-year-old said: “I start the day with fresh vegetable juice, eat plenty of protein, and avoid dairy. I went vegan for a year and have since stuck to a predominantly vegetarian lifestyle.”

Those who join the special unit itself have told bosses they are avoiding meat, The Mirror has confirmed.

Why are recruits ditching meat?

But now, three in ten of those who join the unit are vegetarian or vegan – and do so because they’re less likely to get food poisoning which would interfere with their intense training.

England: 28/12 – Garden Visitors.

1500hrs 28/12

Just had to very quickly grab the camera and snap this guy (Pheasant), who is a regular visitor, but popped in for some food this afternoon.

You can also see the resident white Doves; who sit on the roof at daybreak waiting for their breakfast – and they get it !

Lots of food down for them (and others) all day.

Regards Mark

Above – Thank you – I am full up now; must get home !

Picture of the year 2020

This is the most beautiful picture from the Ocean Photography Awards 2020

With this picture, the photographer Tobias Baumgartner won the Community Choice Award at the Ocean Photography Awards 2020. 📸
The story behind it is touching: The two penguins have both lost their partner. Since then they have mourned together.

Tobias Baumgartner found out about this from a volunteer who looks after the penguin colony on the beach at St. Kilda in Australia. ❤️
Baumgartner waited three days and three nights before he could take this picture.
“They looked at the skyline for hours,” said the photographer. 🐧

We congratulate the winner!
Really a beautiful picture.

Regards and good night, Venus

New inmates from Brazil landed in the Nuremberg zoo

The Nuremberg Zoo has taken in a pair of harpies from Brazil. The zoo visitors do not get to see them, however. The birds of prey are housed as a breeding pair on the Zoo ‘s own Mittelbüg estate.

Both animals, a male and a female, come from the Roberto Ribas Lange Zoopark in Itaipu Binacional in Brazil. They hatched there in early 2018.

Before the two birds could travel to Germany, they had to go through a two-year international approval process.

The Nuremberg Zoo is important for breeding harpies worldwide (!!!).

Successful breeding with the harpy pair Esmeralda and Enrico began in the early 1980s.
The couple raised eleven chicks, four female and seven male; four more chicks died.

The offspring of this breeding pair from Nuremberg live today at Schmausenbuck. These are Evita, Jorge and Domingo.

Further offspring can be found in zoos like Berlin, but especially in Ecuador, Peru and Brazil. Most recently, the zoo transferred the male harpy Vito to Parque Condor in Ecuador on August 11, 2020.

The animals are potentially threatened with extinction. Due to the increasing deforestation of the rainforest in South America, their population is decreasing rapidly.

The mighty birds of prey with a weight of four to nine kilograms and a wingspan of up to two meters depend on the tropical rainforest.

Harpies live on the tall jungle trees on which they build their nests to raise their young.

They also find their large prey such as monkeys and sloths there. Birds of prey experts from Nuremberg report that the birds often stay in their tree for days and only soar in the air when they are looking for food.

Research projects on behavior and reproduction

The Nuremberg Zoo staff also carry out various research projects with harpies. It is about behavioral experiments, studies on animal preferences and reproduction.

The specialist knowledge on birds of prey is not only used at the Schmausenbuck: conservation projects in the natural habitat of animals in Brazil also benefit, reports the zoo.

And I mean…On the website of the Nuremberg zoos we read: “he greatest threat to their continued existence is the destruction of their habitat by slash and burn and the deforestation of tropical rainforests”.
That’s true.
But so far, other than enslaving animals and raising them for money, the zoo director has done nothing against Bolsonaro’s environmental crime.
The indigenous peoples of the Amazon are also on the list for threatened peoples in the early warning level due to the paramilitary forces of Brazil.
Should we therefore tear them out of their homes, bring them here to zoos and let them breed?

By the way! There were human zoos too, until 1958!
With the same excuse “we want to” save “these cultures”, the whites have depicted and degraded the (black) people in zoos.

The Germans have a perverse understanding of species protection: removing people and other animals from their natural environment and bringing them to Germany to show them to the onlookers for money.

The Hagenbeck zoo (near Hamburg), from which the photo originates, still advertises with its role model function “as a pioneer of nature, environmental and species protection”.

Girls and women from Ethiopia in Hagenbeck’s zoo, Germany. The concept of the Hamburg “People’s show” was to show the people with their dwellings and equipment – an idea that was also much praised by scientists at the time.

Were the “exhibits” shown also threatened with extinction and did they have to be preserved “for the next generations”?

My best regards to all, Venus

You should love the strays from the street!

You should love the strays from the street! … because at some point in your life you too felt like a lonely stray!
Alone on a bench, in a schoolyard, at a party when someone you loved rejected you.

When a friend just forgot about your existence, with someone who didn’t like you, in a society that didn’t notice your needs, as if you were invisible.

You should love and take care of the street strays! Maybe because you’ve literally been stranded on the street yourself, or maybe because there wasn’t a home that you would call “home”.

You should feed the strays from the street! Perhaps because you’ve been hungry yourself because your food was burnt, the supermarket was closed, or because it was hunger in your heart that was gnawing and no one was feeding.

You should look at the strays in the eyes from the street and listen carefully to what they are telling you. They all have a hidden story to tell, just like you have a secret story that you would like to tell someone else.

You should apologize to the strays from the street for us humans because we are the reason for their desperate situation and for their terrible condition. Maybe you’ve stood with your back to the wall before, waiting for an apology that never came!

You should love the strays off the street for who they really are, not just for your ego and need to be loved back. They will always love you one way or another, just for who you are … so don’t worry

Somehow we’ve all felt like strays off the street at one point in our lives … full of fear, pain, and sometimes without hope!

You should love the strays from the street because the love you give them heals the stray in you!

We all want someone who loves us for who we are, who gives without demanding, and who never lets us down.

Be this SOMEONE … for you and for others!

(c) Martha Politis Athanassiou / Bettina Marie Schneider

From me to this beautiful article… They are known us by the southerners.
It is all these animals that sit very discreetly next to your table and watch you eat.
With hope, they’ll get a piece of your food.

For those who do not close their hearts and eyes, for compassionate people, this look is a knife stab.

If these systems have all means at their disposal to exploit the weak parts of this planet, be it, Africa or children in the Third world countries, then no one is surprised when animals experience the most brutal exploitation of this system.
The weaker the victim, the worse the exploitation.

On the other hand, all the revolutions and movements in human history have proven that no ruling class has given up its privileges on its own.
The abolition of slavery and the exploitation of people socially and economically was the result of years of struggle.
The liberation of the animals as slaves is the continuation of this struggle.

We need education, whoever fights for animal rights has to try to change this society, which has got used to violence and brutality in a certain way and takes both for granted, especially when it comes to animals.

It cannot be taken for granted that there are strays today.
It is not a given that there are animal barracks.
It is not a given that we cull millions of fur animals for a disaster of human origin.
It is not a given that millions of laboratory animals die for Hocus-pocus science

That’s why we will keep fighting.
Against the rationalization of a fascist ideology that wants to take the exploitation of animals for granted

My best regards to all, Venus

Swiss meat – the subtle difference?

These recordings all come from the turkey farm in Canton Aargau, Switzerland, which was shown in the Rundschau on June 24th, 2020.

The pictures were taken on two different dates in the same week in which the Swiss television and radio were present.
Unfortunately, these bad pictures were not published during the broadcast.

This is what turkey farming really looks like in Switzerland!

These are some of the unpublished videos of the turkey farm in the canton of Aargau, which was not shown in the Rundschau of 24.06.2020.

We would be very grateful if this video could be shared as often as possible so that many people can see the whole truth.

Under this link,- -you will find the complete investigation video from 4 different turkey farms in 3 cantons which shows that this is not an isolated case but the cruel standard in Swiss farms!


Text in the video:
1) Two nights later, the chicks were no longer in the “lounge”. We found them like disposable items in a chest between spray cans and tractors.

2) This individual was also no longer there two nights later.

3) This turkey was disposed of in a plastic bag in the shed outside the farm.
His head was already covered with maggots.

All of them were free-range companies with a label. Labels must be abolished.

Labels are only good for your conscience, but not for animal welfare

Typical Swiss chicken concentration camp with so-called floor-keeping

So…Swiss meat – the subtle difference?
We say: Swiss meat – no difference

And I mean…By the way: Germany is the most important turkey supplier for Switzerland.

(Some information on general poultry farming in Switzerland according to Four Paws Organisation):

-“In Switzerland, over 7 million chickens are slaughtered for chicken meat every year.
Most of these chickens live in what is known as conventional husbandry. In concrete terms, this means in Switzerland: Floor keeping in a hall with little litter and no access.
These animals never feel the natural ground beneath their feet and cannot breathe fresh air. In addition, they are crammed into the smallest of spaces, according to the motto: Always more, always faster, always cheaper.

In Switzerland, around 15 adult animals can be kept with a final fattening weight of 2 kg per square meter. There is hardly more space than an A4 sheet of space for a single chicken.

In conventional fattening, a broiler chicken reaches its slaughter weight of 2 kg in a record time of 35 days (weight gain of 60 g per day). Some of the animals are even slaughtered early after 22 days and processed into “dung scratches”.

The mass production and high-performance breeding of broiler chickens have serious health consequences: Many of the animals suffer sudden cardiac death or cardiopulmonary failure (“ascites”) and suffer from joint damage.
Due to the rapid and violent weight gain, the animals can hardly stand upright and walk towards the end of the fattening period – they only eat and lie around.
The damp, fecal-contaminated litter often causes skin damage and inflammation and diarrheal diseases (“coccidiosis”) are not uncommon-”

Apart from the fact that factory farming is perverse, cruel, and absolutely unethical, it creates new diseases (mutated bacteria because the animals get antibiotics, etc. to eat, making the pathogens immune to them) and the drinking water is polluted.

“Eating meat is my human right, is a principle of life, is species-appropriate “.
That is the most widespread fascist ideology of the human species

Nobody has to eat meat.

Veganism is a very promising way to soon be able to feed 10 billion people adequately without completely destroying the earth.
But education is often uncomfortable. That doesn’t fit into the comfortable consumer life.

My best regards to all, Venus

Spain: COVID-19 tests in dogs and cats in Madrid!

They will begin to test COVID-19 in dogs and cats in Madrid!

The campaign will begin shortly and all aspects will be reported so that interested pet owners can book an appointment.

The SALUVET scientific research group of the Animal Health Department of the Veterinary Faculty of the Complutense University of Madrid is carrying out a study on the incidence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in companion animals.

In order to gather as much information as possible, they will have the collaboration of the Peñagrande Veterinary Group, among other centers, to study the circulation of the virus among dogs and cats and to be able to evaluate the incidence of the disease in these species and analyze possible relationships o ties with people, as Andrés Santiago, one of the members of the Peñagrande Veterinary Group, has exclusively informed Diario Veterinario.

The campaign will begin shortly and all aspects will be reported so that interested pet owners can book an appointment and carry out the studies under the best quality standards, using aerological analysis (antibodies in the blood) and PCR (determination of respiratory antigens).

“Our clinics, with the aim of offering the best health services for both the owners of the animals and for them themselves, will offer these services completely free for their clients, consisting of a serological test in the blood to determine the level of antibodies and a test using a swab to identify antigens, that is, the virus in animals ”, explains Andrés Santiago.

“It is essential to have healthy animals in healthy environments to ensure the health of pet guardians and the general public.”

Anyone interested in participating in the study can do so at

And I mean…It is a known fact that 70% of corona tests give false results for humans.
If we still have no reliable research results against Corona (FOR PEOPLE), why should researchers in Spain be paid to research animals, who is verifiably not getting the virus?

At the beginning of the pandemic, Chinese pet owners in Wuhan threw their animals off the balconies for fear of an infection that did not even exist.
“Barbarians the Chinese”, we civilized Europeans used to say, “with our great animal protection law we can protect our pets from it”.
Today Wuhan and China have 0% Corona, but not because they did “research” on animals !!

And here, 100 years after the Spanish flu in 1918, our potent medicine is still unable to get a nasty virus like Corona under control, what the doctors in 1918 with the Spanish flu achieved within a year and a half.

It is a corrupt business that the Spaniards are now trying to open the next source of money with those who are demonstrably not getting the Corona !!
All they have to do is intimidate and scare the pet owners and the business will work!
The Chinese could learn something from them.

My best regards to all, Venus

Portugal Outrage After Spanish Hunters Massacre 500 Wild Animals.

Portugal outrage after Spanish hunters massacre 500 wild animals

Portugal outrage after Spanish hunters massacre 500 wild animals – BBC News

Portuguese officials have expressed outrage at the massacre of more than 500 deer and wild boar in a hunting zone in the centre of the country.

Environment Minister João Fernandes said the killing by 16 Spanish hunters was “vile” and an “environmental crime” that should be prosecuted.

Pictures of the slaughter were shared on social media.

Hunting individual animals is allowed but in this incident most of the zone’s deer population are said to have died.

The killing is thought to have taken place on a farm in the Torrebela tourist hunting zone, near Azambuja, about 40km (24 miles) from the Portuguese capital Lisbon on 17 and 18 December.

The 1,100ha (2,700-acre) farm is described as being walled in, meaning that the 540 animals had no means of escape from their killers.

The Environment Ministry said in a statement on Tuesday that “the reports and news about the indiscriminate slaughter of animals… have nothing to do with hunting, understood as a practice that can contribute to the maintenance of biodiversity and ecosystems”.

(5) Alberto Mancebo on Twitter: “👮🏻‍♂️Portugal investigará a morte de 540 veados e xabarís 🦌🐗 a mans de 16 cazadores españois en Azambuja, Lisboa. Segundo as primeiras investigacións os animais foron acurralados nunha finca e masacrados. Logo, pendurárono todo nas redes sociais para indignación dos portugueses” / Twitter