Dog market in Serbia: ripe for EU accession ?


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The Austrian association has recently published a report on the dog market in Serbia on its blog
In addition to the title was also the question: Serbia: ripe for EU accession ?

Of course, Serbia disregards the animal welfare law.

But which “Do Nothing” MEP will deny Serbia accession, because it does not comply with the European animal protection regulations?

We have to be at least naive if we believe that the EU accepts a country as  member (or not) with criterion its standard in animal protection order!!

The report from the blog “”

Our goal is the weekly market of Novi Sad, where, unfortunately, many animals are offered under catastrophic circumstances for sale. The whole city seems to be on its feet on the market days, the paths between the hundreds of stalls are densely populated by the crowds.

Everything is available here, from clothing to any conceivable tool, with dozens of food stalls in between, vendors of corn and sodas pushing their mobile carts through the clogged alleys, children eating sweets…

Hunde Markt in Serbien 3

The event offers everything that is nice to look at as a whole. You can also find what you are looking for, things are offered that are known fromour  childhood and which are no longer available in our home.

And all at really good prices, a ‘real’ Ray Ban sun glasses, for example, probably made somewhere in an abandoned backyard in Vietnam or elsewhere in Asia, for as little as $ 2.50.
But unfortunately there are also animals to be found, and then really many of them. Especially dogs, crowded into tiny cages, of course always only puppies, of different breeds.

Hunde Markt in Serbien 2

An old man stuffed a dozen rabbits into a cage. Another offers waterfowl in tiny wire cages.
In between sits a junkie, trembling and obviously ill; he tries to offer kittens and street dog puppies out of cardboard boxes.
His eyes are rushed, he can not even sit quietly for a second.


The hands move feverishly, as in a trance, he is constantly rocking his legs.
500 dinars cost a piece of life, not more than 4 euros. The poor animal children are in terrible condition, but the display of suffering and misery takes little care of the passing crowd.

Hunde Markt in Serbien 5


Hundreds of children’s hands demand the little ones, who in turn want only one thing – to leave this terrible place as quickly as possible.

Now and then a kitten tries to climb out of the box.
This project, is acknowledged with a blow to the head. What happens to those he will not sell here, and it is very likely that will happen to almost everyone?

We dare not think about it … We can not buy them, for one, the man would probably bring more animals next week, scenting a business. On the other hand, one would not even know what to do with it; the border is dense, the few asylums in the country crashing full – it is a desperate misery.


But the other dog sellers do not care about their protégés;
all are exposed to the blazing sun without protection, food or water? Wrong! All in very close cages; for example, two German shepherd puppies are sitting so close together that they lack the air to breathe!

Or three Serbian-Macedonian shepherd dogs, where the seller acknowledges our requests with unfriendly gestures.
It’s just awful to see what’s happening here;
Duck children, rabbits, rabbits, chickens, all locked in cramped crates, gasping for air, nearly fainting with thirst. Serbia, it seeks membership in the European Community.

Not like that,!not under these circumstances, one might say.
On the other hand, the treatment of animals has never been a criterion for the fine gentlemen and ladies with their hair spiked and in their slippery suits, sitting in huge temperature-controlled offices somewhere in Brussels.

One thing is for sure – in the near future, as soon as we have some time left, we will look into the topic in detail!

(Translation, Venus with my best regards)

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