UK: Burberry To Finally Stop Burning Unsold Products To ‘Protect’ Its Image – and Also Pledges To STOP Using Real fur On Products.


Burberry to stop burning unsold items after green criticism  

Burberry is to end its practice of burning unsold clothes, bags and perfume and will also stop using real fur after criticism from environmental campaigners.

The British fashion house destroyed unsold £28.6m worth of products last year to protect its brand, taking the value of items destroyed over the past five years to £105m. It has previously defended its practice by saying that the energy generated from burning its goods was captured.

The FTSE 100 company now says it will reuse, repair, donate or recycle all unsaleable products.

Burberry will also end the use of real fur and says the debut collection from its new chief creative officer, Riccardo Tisci, to be presented on 17 September during London fashion week, will not feature any. Existing fur products will be phased out.

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