13/9/18 – Various.

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Stop Cooking Dogs and Cats Alive With Blow-Torches

Dogs and cats are being bludgeoned and blow-torched to death in a so-called “extreme” market in Indonesia.

Demand that this barbaric spectacle be shut down immediately.


 Disturbing scenes from Italian egg facility.

Animal Equality has released disturbing scenes of mite-infested hens suffering inside filthy cages on an egg farm in Italy.

 The squalid conditions make this farm a living hell for the tens of thousands of birds who are trapped here. These hens will never be able to spread their wings or feel the ground beneath their feet. An infestation of red mites which constantly crawl on the hens’ faces mean they cannot escape suffering for even a second.

Dead hens were left in their cages, forcing living birds to walk over the decaying corpses of their former companions. Rotting bodies of hens and rats also littered the filthy farm floor.

Italy is one of the largest egg producers in Europe, and the majority of Italian eggs are taken from hens kept in cages like these. Eggs from these hens could be hiding in your authentic fresh pasta or Italian panettone. It’s easy for concerned consumers to make the switch to cruelty-free by choosing from the many plant-based egg alternatives available now. Visit loveveg.uk to get started!


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SIGN: Justice for Dog Doused in Accelerant and Set on Fire

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PETITION TARGET: Pasco County Attorney Jeffrey Steinsnyder

In a horrific act of cruelty, a woman in Lutz, Florida poured fire accelerant over her estranged husband’s favorite dog, Denali, then ignited the helpless animal in flames before lighting the entire house ablaze.

Denali was in agonizing pain when rescuers found her, suffering severe burns on her back and head. Vets gave her just a 50 percent chance of surviving the night, and seriously considered euthanization.

Denali appears to be pulling through, with the help of Suncoast Animal League. But her recovery is far from over. She must undergo general anesthetic every day for bandage changes and wound care, and needs strong pain medication. New wounds are still emerging, a common occurrence with chemical burns.

Suspect Brandi Corrigan also had seven other dogs inside the house. Thankfully, they were not locked in the same room as Denali, and were rescued in time to avoid injury. But they could have easily died as well.

While Denali fights for her life, Corrigan has yet to face a single animal abuse charge. Police have charged her with arson and possession of narcotics, but completely overlooked the fact that this woman purposely tortured and attempted to murder eight innocent animals.

Sign this petition urging Pasco County Attorney Jeffrey Steinsnyder to file animal cruelty charges and prosecute this woman to the fullest extent of the law. She must never be allowed near an animal again.


Campaign Launched to Free America’s Dogs from the Chain



A new anti dog chaining campaign has been launched by activist Jennifer Kanady in partnership with the Anti Dogfighting Campaign’s (ADFC) Anti-Chain Division. The initiative calls for a federal bill to ban endless dog tethering in the United States, ensuring dogs are not left tethered day and night with inadequate shelter, food or water.

Currently, only 21 states have laws regulating tethering at the state level, while some counties and cities have local regulations. ADFC says that much of the legislation is weak and unclear, with many loopholes making it hard to enforce these laws. Their first goal is to amend California’s state law, then make the push for a nation-wide federal law.

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