France: The animal sanctuary “Papillon”!



Today I make an exception, and talk about a personal experience with an animal  sanctuary  in France, which I visited a few days ago.

A friend activist asked me if I would like to go to the “open-door day” of the sanctuary farm “Papillon”, in France.

He was often there, but I did not know the farm.

My first thought was: Sanctuary for animals … well! a lot of animal suffering. But I wanted to go.
When I arrived at noon, the yard was already full.

Papillon Pferde_o

A happy crowd of people of all ages enjoyed the delicious vegan buffets under the mild sun, and used every opportunity to exchange love greetings with the farm animals.
It was a very open and familiar atmosphere.
The entire team of “Papilion”, led from the Swiss couple Olivier and Rebecca Bieli, is doing a great job!
Together with their shelter in Romania and the Swiss Dog and Cat Rescue (SHKR)  it has become a life’s work.

The animals have space, loving care, and medical control that goes above average.
The “Papillon” is in France, in Alsace (Munchhouse) on the borders with Switzerland and despite its young age has made a name and is already quite well known, even up to Germany.


Papillon Gebäudeo

 It provides lifelong protection to animals that have already bad experiences with us, and also serves to show the visitors the importance of the work for animal welfare.

They have a fantastic nature environment in which one might self want to live …
I spent three full hours in front of the meadow with the horses, and did not want to leave. It was a pleasure for my eyes to experience satisfied, well-groomed and humane animals (and animal-friendly people).
I found out from the guide that there are animals that are unique specimens because they were bred so extra, and therefore were condemned to suffering. The smallest cock in the world, which should look cute and doll-like, so that it can be sold. He lives there now.

Papillon Hahn o
The pigs, which instead of 18 ribs (which is normal) were only bred at 16, so they are easier to sell as small objects.
The Canadian Schwann, who was cleaned up sick and injured and now can not fly, but lives happily with his conspecifics.
And there are also rabbits from fattening, and pigeons and sheep that were planned for slaughter ….

Papillon-Schlafende Schweine_o

The little dog with the two legs and the rollator, from Romania, who was paralyzed after an accident, might not live without the sanctuary farm.
And although the operators have their profession, always find the time to provide the farm animals lovingly and conscientiously. Each animal is called by name, and Olivier tells the story of each one.

Robbie01_kleinThose who live in this area, Switzerland or France but also southern Germany, would absolutely have to visit this farm; they will spend a nice day with happy and non-suffering animals.
And so they can determine for themselves how much commitment, work and love is invested for the animals, so that they should really have a peaceful and dignified retirement.

But also what educational work the operators make at the visitor tours!!

My best regards to all, Venus


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