How do you relocate 100 elephants?




With the kind permission and support of the Government of Zimbabwe, one of the largest wildlife resettlements in the country’s history will take place. The relocation of the 100 elephants is being implemented under the leadership of the Zimbabwean Parks & Wildlife Management Authority as a partner of the Sango Wildlife Conservancy and the Hemmersbach Rhino Force.

100 wilde Elefanten werden in Simbabwe umgesiedeltobs/Sango Wildlife Conservancy/”

Over two decades of conservation, supported by the sustainable use of a wide variety of wild animal populations and intensive protection against poachers, impressively demonstrate how successful nature conservation can be in Zimbabwe. “We just have too many elephants on Sango,” says Wilfried Pabst, owner of the 600-square-kilometer Sango Wildlife Conservancy. “Thanks to the support of the government of Zimbabwe and Hemmersbach Rhino Force, we can save 100 elephants from clubbing,” Pabst continued. The gray giants are relocated as part of the “ReWild Initiative” of the Sango Wildlife Conservancy in the more than 700 km away Rifa Safari Area. The entire move is funded by Hemmersbach Rhino Force.

First stage of an extensive plan

The new home of elephants is the Rifa Safari Area, a 290 square kilometer park in the Zambezi Valley in northern Zimbabwe, operated by the Hemmersbach Rhino Force. Their manager, Ralph Koczwara, welcomes the action as clear evidence of Zimbabwe’s success in nature conservation: “Hemmersbach Rhino Force is pleased to facilitate and finance the relocation of the 100 elephants donated by Mr. Pabst, which is just the first step in the process Collaboration between Sango Wildlife Conservancy and Hemmersbach Rhino Force to help reintroduce wildlife and rhinos into their new habitat. ” The Save Valley Conservancy, in which Sango occupies by far the largest area, has achieved a resounding success in protecting its critically endangered rhino population. Therefore, in future steps and with the approval of the Government of Zimbabwe, black rhino from the Sango Wildlife Conservancy is to be relocated to the Rifa Safari Area.

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