Together, we’re moving closer to a better Europe committed to social and environmental justice!


EU- Flagge

WAV Comment:

We are showing this simply because we had it through today.

It does NOT mean that we think the EU is great; quite the contrary.  They have failed in Live animal transport, vivisection, factory farming; stray dogs, and a host of other issues.

Junker and crew are interested in one thing and one thing only – their own survival.  Below – Nigel says his bit (the truth probably).  Junker does not look happy.  This is very shortly after the UK people voted to get out of the EU.


Together, we’re moving closer to a better Europe committed to social and environmental justice!

Because of your involvement, this year:

  • The EU will ban some of the worst single-use plastics.
  • Zara and H&M promised to stop sourcing dirty viscose – a common textile in the clothes we wear often produced– from factories in Asia that dumped toxic chemicals into rivers and streams, produced when making viscose.
  • The European Parliament voted to increase transparency in our food system. Studies on risks from chemicals in our food will no longer be kept secret, once the other EU institutions agree.

Mark, all this was thanks to you! Your signatures to our petitions, your mailings to your MEPs, your social media messages to put pressure on big corporations and your donations all helped us to achieve our wins in 2018!

Thanks for all you do,
Mika (Bordeaux), Giulio (Rome), Virginia (Madrid), and the rest of us at WeMove.EU


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