UK: Boxing Day (26/12) Clashes Between Hunt Supporters and the ‘Antis’ as Always. Hunting Is In ‘Terminal Decline’.




The UK is fairly well known for its opposition to hunting.

hunt 1

Above – The ‘Traditional’ (how very British) picture hunts love to portray.

But on Boxing Day each year, December 26th; hunts across the country meet and parade themselves through towns and villages.  This is perfectly legal; but they are always met by hunts sabs and the general public who oppose hunting.

26/12/18 was no exception; with clashes between hunt supporters and ‘antis’ taking place all over the country.

Hunt sab attack

Above – Reality – A female anti hunt protester is hit in the face by a pro hunt supporter.


Fox hunting is illegal in England, Scotland and Wales, but evidence suggests that hunts are regularly breaking the law.

Fox hunting was banned by the Hunting Act 2004 in England and Wales, and the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act 2002 in Scotland. But while these were both welcome and hard-fought pieces of legislation, overwhelming evidence suggests that both are being ignored or exploited by hunts on a regular basis.


Here is a report from the Press on events of the day.


East Kent.jpg

Above – The reality – An ‘East Kent Murder’ – More than just a ‘nip on the neck’  as they claim –

Photo – Mark (WAV).

fox sake 4

Perfect – how they should be.



Latest – a Dorset pub which supports hunting even attempted to stop sabs and vegans from entering to get a drink at the local. 

Seems like the brewery chain have now suspended the manager for being so biased.

pub sign

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