Frankenstein research in cloned monkeys




In Shanghai, a few days ago 5 cloned long-tailed macaques were born with a deliberate genetic defect. Donor was a male monkey in which a crucial substance for regulating the biorhythm was eliminated by gene modification.

As part of the cloning, female animals are removed from egg cells and their cell nuclei, in which the genome is located, removed. Subsequently, the cell nuclei are inserted from body cells of the donor. After “implantation” of these composite cells in dams, viable organisms are then grown, which genetically represent a “copy” of the animal from which the body cells were taken.


“This whole process is associated with extreme suffering,” Dr. med. vet. Gaby Neumann of doctors against animal experiments. Not only the removal and replanting of the eggs are tampering with the animals involved.
In addition, cloning represents a very high consumption of life. Because not every embryo creates a viable monkey. For the “created” five macaques 300 embryos were “consumed”, which were planted in dozens of surrogate animals. Many of the cloned newborns die. The survivors often have a defective immune system, more often suffer from heart or respiratory diseases and muscle and joint problems.


An extremely dangerous and ethically questionable development is also the combination of two manipulation techniques: Genetic modification and cloning of living things.
For the “production” of the donor animal, so-called “knock out” monkeys were produced. In them, a gene was removed with the gene scissors Crispr / Cas. Without this gene, the monkeys are particularly susceptible to a range of diseases because their internal clock is no longer functioning properly.
As a donor animal, the monkey with the strongest symptoms was selected, which means that the newborn monkeys are also very disease-susceptible “knock out” animals.

Affe / Klon / Dolly-Methode

According to Chinese researchers, the “created” clone monkeys are intended to advance biomedical science, as it allows false research results to be ruled out by genetic variation. Because the genetic material of individuals of a species differs significantly in the details and would make it so difficult to develop drugs that work for everyone.
“This justification for the” advantages “of cloning is completely incomprehensible,” explains Gaby Neumann. “If individuals of one species are so different, how can one expect results to be transferable between two different species, such as monkey and human? Besides, the individuality of the human being is important.

Where are there cloned people with completely similar reactions? Those still are living “at the best” in an environment like under laboratory conditions?

Not only that this development can not be justified for ethical reasons, because living things are degraded to mere, arbitrarily manipulatable objects.
It also means a step in the wrong direction. Everywhere one speaks of individualized medicine.
“The focus of biomedicine should be on humans and not in Frankenstein research,” says Neumann. State-of-the-art methods such as multi-organ chips, mini-organs, computer software with artificial intelligence and imaging techniques, in contrast to animal experiments, can achieve effective and individual results.

My comment: Again psychopaths with white coats at work applying the latest method of Frankenstein science to living beings.
A waste of life, time and money.
A horror show is staged again after the well-known lab mafia slogan:  “Everything goes” because we torture “only” animals!

Lifelong suffering and early death are often associated with cloning.
The unnatural pregnancy causes even after this procedure a suffering of the animals. Cloned animals are often heavier than their naturally bred conspecifics. This means a difficult and painful birth for the mother. In many cases, a cesarean section is also performed.
In addition, cloned animals tend to have a weakened immune system and therefore suffer from heart failure, respiratory disease, or muscle and joint problems.

Why all that?
To create the “Superman”? – we had that earlier in the Nazi era.
Only the technique was different.
Just because the psychopaths wear a frock today in the lab does not make it any less perverted and fascist than in the time.

My best regards, Venus

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