Day: February 28, 2019

Hunters and weapons industry: a deadly mix!




There was only bad news to report about the hunt in Italy in the last hunting season, considering the fact that various species of animals were extinct or decimated because of the hunting.

jäger mit Hosen unten
Or that non-native animal species were introduced to nature by hunting societies and thus disrupted the ecological balance, which ultimately harmed even humans, for example the wild boar.

But hunting in Italy is also a violation of private property, thanks to an outdated Article 842 of the Civil Code, which authorizes the hunters to invade foreign property without any consent of the owners.
And it is also an encroachment on the inviolable right to vote, which forbids the citizens to take a stand, as the example of the Piedmont region shows.

Jäger auf Hochsitz mit Gattertierefb

The hunt is also the only “sport”, which every year injures and kills countless people. As every year, at the end of the hunting season (1st September – 31st January), the Association of Hunting Victims, which has been active since 2007, has put together a dossier with the victims of hunting weapons.

Data on accidents during the hunting season in Italy (2018/2019)

Civil Non-Hunters: Total 27 victims, 18 injured and 9 dead
Hunter: Total 53 victims, 41 injured and 12 dead
Totally 80 victims, 59 injured and 21 dead
2 children were injured
In the hunting area, there were 13 dead and 50 injured (including 2 children), so 63 victims.
Outside the hunting area there were 8 dead and 9 injured, so 17 victims. Of these, 7 dead and 7 injured are not hunters but civilians.

Cover_HadererMost hunting accidents are recorded in Campania in southwestern Italy with 15 victims. Followed by the Friuli, Lazio and Lombardy. Not known is the number of pets killed and protected wildlife; including wolves, bears and birds of prey. In addition, there are dangerous firing shots not far from inhabited settlement areas, and tons of lead residue from hunting ammunition in the countryside or hunters shooting at animals fleeing forest fires.

The Constitutional Court in Piedmont also made it clear last year that the hunt can not be recognized as positive from an environmental and animal welfare point of view.

But the association also points out that although the hunters are becoming fewer and fewer, they are still privileged by politics, especially the PD (partito democratico italiano) and the Lega.

It is an old story (and not only in Italy): the hunters have influence, but also the arms industry with its lobbyists in parliament and in the regions. Hunters and weapons industry. A deadly blend that damages nature and kills humans and animals …

My comment: Hunters are still a small minority, in Germany0.45% of the population.

But because the majority is silent, the minorities operate dominant, with the right of the stronger.

The hunt has always been the sport of the rich and powerful. From the nobility to the Nazis, in Germany, later also politicians of Germany and of course the Ex- DDR (democratic German Republic). You know each other, have the same interests and you will be seen. No wonder that the hunters have a strong lobby.

We are anyway governed by the lobbyists, is there an area that is not lobby contaminated? As a voter, you can vote for all sacred times, but the rest of the time the lobbyists have the say.

“They use the failure of their conscience as proof of their integrity” and so they are even proud of their criminal machinations.

Hunters are murderers, nothing more and nothing less!

My bestr regards, Venus