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Indonesia: 79 Slow Lorises Seized From Poachers, 10 In Critical Condition.



79 Slow Lorises Seized From Poachers, 10 In Critical Condition

 Posted by Dobi Finley | February 18, 2019


79 Slow Lorises Seized From Poachers, 10 In Critical Condition

All Images: International Animal Rescue


Authorities recently confiscated 79 slow lorises from poachers in West Java Indonesia, and took the animals to the International Animal Rescue primate center for rehabilitation. Ten of the slow lorises were in dire medical condition when rescued, and are currently recovering in intensive care.

These specific animals are known as Javan slow lorises, and they are critically endangered. All of the confiscated animals were poached from the wild to be sold into the illegal pet trade, and are very lucky that police intervened just in time. Tragically, four of the animals were already deceased when they were found.

All of the surviving slow lorises suffered severe stress and dehydration, due to having been confined for a very long time in highly unnatural conditions. The animals who did not require specialized veterinary care were taken to the rescue center for observation. This is to allow them to rest and recover, and to make sure that they are good candidates for re-release. Once the animals build up their strength, they will be released back into the wild, since the goal is always to get healthy animals back into their natural habitat.

International Animal Rescue is still working around the clock caring for the 10 lorises in critical condition. The animals are recovering at the rehabilitation center, where they had to to undergo further medical examinations and treatment. Medical tests confirmed that the lorises were suffering from a number of health problems, including trauma, intestinal worms, infected teeth and gums, diarrhea and wounds to the body.

Those in critical condition will be kept under close observation by the center’s medical team, who will monitor the primates’ physical condition and administer drugs and vitamins to aid their recovery.

One of the lorises, whom caretakers have named Muka, has a horrible facial wound after being shot by a BB gun. The pellet is lodged deep in his face, and another pellet has been discovered in his armpit. The veterinarians are doing all they can to ease little Muka’s suffering, and hopefully he will be able to recover.

Unfortunately, illegal wildlife trafficking is rampant throughout Asia, and is fueled by the exotic pet trade. Organizations such as IAR work with government authorities to rescue as many animals as they can. While little Muka and his friends are still in urgent medical care, several of the other confiscated lorises are already fully recovered from their ordeal.

IAR recently made a special trip to a protected conservation forest to release some of the rescued animals. Hopefully all of the slow lorises can eventually be released when everyone has a clean bill of health. It is so heartwarming to see that some of these adorable lorises are already back home in the forest where they belong!





USA: Petition – Enact Mandatory Jail Time for Animal Cruelty.



Enact Mandatory Jail Time for Animal Cruelty

Posted by Carly Day


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Petition link –


PETITION TARGET: Tennessee Governor Bill Lee

All too often, the most heartbreaking acts of animal cruelty go unpunished, or abusers get away with just a small fine.

A new bill in Tennessee would help change that — we must speak out to help this important legislation pass!

The Tennessee P.A.W.S. Act (Protect Animal Welfare and Safety), filed by Tennessee Representative Bruce Griffey, would enforce mandatory minimum prison sentences for repeat animal cruelty offenders.

Aggravated cruelty to animals would continue to be listed as a Class E felony, with a punishment of up to six years imprisonment or a maximum fine of $3,000.

However, if someone commits a second act of cruelty involving five or more animals, the crime would be upgraded to a Class C felony, with a minimum sentence of 180 days in jail. Perpetrators would be required to complete 100 percent of the sentence.

Griffey says the bill is still a work in progress, and also wants a mandatory fine and mandatory minimum restitution paid to shelters to cover the costs of caring for abused animals. We would also like to see mandatory sentences for all cases of severe cruelty, even if just one animal is involved.

If passed by the Tennessee General Assembly, the bill would come into effect on July 1st this year.

Sign the petition urging Tennessee Governor Bill Lee to fully support this bill and ensure it passes, strengthening animal welfare laws in the state and deterring animal abusers from committing violence against the helpless.


England: Thanks ‘Tonka’.




This is not related to animals but I feel the need to write – a sad week for me personally.

The ‘Tonka’, or ‘Panavia Tornado’, to give it the proper name; spent 24 years with me.

It’s a sad week as the Royal Air Force are taking it out of service, as newer and more technologically advanced machines are now in service. Regardless, I still love it – one of the best; 200 feet, at night, in all weathers; that was Tornado.

You can see more videos and some of my pictures at – just scroll down till you see them.

I show few videos here so that you can make your own judgement on how special ‘Tonka’ was.  ‘Down and Dirty’.

Now; back to animals !!

Regards Mark.




Above and below – ‘Pinky’