Day: February 8, 2019

Colombia: Live animals as drug transports!

And we thought … we have seen everything!


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Colombia: Veterinarian sentenced to six years in prison for heroin smuggling in live puppies.

A US veterinarian who used liquid heroin in dog puppies on behalf of Colombian drug traffickers was sentenced to six years in prison on Thursday.

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The animals were used as drug couriers and should bring the heroin to the US in their stomachs. According to prosecutors, Elorez implanted the puppy with the heroin packages through surgery. The dogs were subsequently transported from Colombia to the US, where the heroin was surgically removed. According to the New York Times, three dogs later died as a result of the procedure. One of the surviving four-legged friends was trained as a drug detection dog and got the name Heroina symbolically.

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Andres Lopez Elorez admitted his guilt in September of last year. The man is said to have rented a farm in Colombia, where he raised the animals and secretly filled their stomachs with heroin.
On January 1, 2005, police raided the farm and seized 17 bags of liquid heroin. The 39-year-old was arrested in 2015 in Spain and delivered to the United States three years later.

A 12-year investigation revealed this “inhumane heartlessness” in drug smuggling, the US anti-drug agency DEA said.

My comment: On the day of his arrest the prosecutor in New York said that the man could be imprisoned for at least ten years; even a life sentence would be possible.
And now comes the message: 6 years. Only sechs years! In three years because of a good leadership, he is free again. To continue his lucrative business.

This perverse monster is not just a drug smuggler. He also violated the obligation of veterinarians to prevent the suffering of animals.

He is liable for two serious crimes!

If injustice against animals is not considered as injustice to persons, there will never be justice for animals.

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