Day: February 22, 2019

Where is the tolerance limit?

Dear readers,

For today I do not have to comment on a foreign post.
Today it’s about a very bizarre conversation that I had a week ago with a colleague.

It was in the elevator of the theater where I work, it was early morning and we all had rehearsal. That’s why the elevator was full.
I had noticed a few days ago that a woman colleague wore a fur jacket, every day an other model.
I was waiting for the right opportunity to ask her if she knew how the fur came to her body, what torture the animal has to suffer for it, and if not, I could tell her.
That morning, she and I stood side by side in the full elevator, and I found that opportunity was the right one to talk to.

I grabbed her jacket to check if it was really fur, it was very real !!!
“Is that real?” I asked her
The colleague smiled ironically.
“Yes, of course it’s real,” she said.
“Do you even know how fur is made, what the animal has to suffer so you wear this jacket?”
“Yes, I know it very well and I stand behind it” the colleague said.
“Behind what, are you? I said. “Behind the electric shocks that massacre the animal, or behind the skinned alive? ”

The colleague smiled and agreed with her head: “Yes, yes, behind all this I stand, I know how fur is made, we have a farm with rabbits in my homeland, we breed them and we make fur out of them” !!


In all these years of my animal rights activism, to this day I have heard many explanations from various people about the fur they wear. It was on the road during demonstrations, it was private encounters, it was at actions in front of fur shops. Almost all feel compelled to find a “logical” excuse for their “sin” and it sounded like an apology, the explanation they gave me.

I’ve never heard such a cynical, cheeky and despicable answer.
So I talked with a professional animal tormentor. That was a shocking experience for me.
The colleague comes from an eastern country where fur farms are still allowed.
To buy and to produce.

Two days after this conversation, I saw the colleague’s jacket in the wardrobe of our rehearsal room.
And then I decorated it nicely.

Ich bin ein Arschloch ich trage Pelz No 2I’m an ASSHOLE.  I’m wearing  FUR

Since then she does not greet me anymore.
As if she already knew that I can not tolerate murderers!!


My best regards to all, Venus


Thanks !



Friday 22/2/19.

Thanks to Angie, Stacey, Curi56, Claudine, Stephanie, novels4utoo, Dawn, and anyone else that we have missed – for your kind comments and support of our site.

We will endeavour to keep giving you accurate information about animal suffering the world over; with links if possible; so that you further take up the issues and get involved with specific topics.

It’s a big world and we miss lots that is happening; but we are trying to highlight some issues to you.

Keep on keeping on !

Thanks and regards

Mark (England) and Venus (Germany).


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RSPCA Australia Asks You To Take Part In Public Consultation Over Sheep Exports – Links Below.



RSPCA Aus sheep


WAV Comment – you now have your chance via this public consultation to make a difference and help Australian animals from never having to be (live) exported again.  Please read the article from the RSPCA below and click on the link to make your voice heard.  Be a voice for the suffering sheep ! – Thanks, WAV.

All pictures below are from our archive and are not associated with the RSPCA document.


Mark, you have been with us in our ongoing fight to end the suffering of sheep in the live export trade.

You – along with tens of thousands of other supporters – have already taken countless actions.

But we need your help one more time to help end the cruelty for good.

The government review panel has got the science right (at last!), when it comes to heat stress experienced by sheep onboard these journeys.

We’ve said all along that the evidence shows heat stress is unavoidable on board journeys to the Middle East in the high risk May to October period.

Now, the recently released Heat Stress Risk Assessment Review has been opened for public consultation, and all recommendations support what we have been calling for:

  • a risk assessment based on welfare, not mortality,
  • and one that will ultimately mean the end to the most horrific conditions experienced by thousands of Aussie sheep each year.

This is the review we’ve been waiting for – but live export lobbyists are desperately trying to stop these improvements and roll back these reforms.

Mark make no mistake – these reforms are the bare minimum of what needs to be done to protect our sheep.

Please take action today and add your voice to the RSPCA submission, supporting these vital improvements to protect Australian sheep from the live export industry.

live ex ship

WAV Note – Or Use the following link to make your submission and speak up for the sheep who suffer: