Day: February 19, 2019

Australia: Moves To End Reliance On Cosmetic Animal Testing.



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Dear Mark,

There’s been a major breakthrough in our #BeCrueltyFree campaign in Australia, with lawmakers passing a measure that will save rabbits, mice and other animals from cruelty for cosmetics. This change to the law means that companies will no longer be able to profit from the use of new animal test data for cosmetic ingredients, putting a stop to this cruel and outdated practice in Australia.

Thanks to your support and compassion, our campaigners were able to work tirelessly for the past seven years to help get this lifesaving legislation passed. They negotiated with the highest levels of the health ministry to secure commitments which will ensure that all cosmetic ingredients are captured by the ban and to secure funding to support the development and adoption of modern non-animal test methods.

These essential commitments will ensure the implementation of a robust ban on cruel cosmetics in Australia! 

HSI and our partners have played a leading role in many of the nearly 40 national bans enacted to date, and in driving similar measures in active political discussion in Brazil, Canada, Chile, Mexico, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, the United States and the ASEAN region of south-east Asia.

This history-making campaign would not be possible without the support of animal lovers like you who work with us toward a world without animal testing. Please take time to celebrate this shared victory!

Thank you so much for all that you do for animals.


Kitty Block
Humane Society International

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USA: Justice for Dog Wrapped in Duct Tape and Dumped in Freezing Ditch.



Justice for Dog Wrapped in Duct Tape and Dumped in Freezing Ditch

Posted by Katie Valentine

SIGN: Justice for Dog Wrapped in Duct Tape and Dumped in Freezing Ditch


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PETITION TARGET: Jefferson County, Missouri Prosecuting Attorney Trisha Stefanski

A Barnhart, Missouri man is accused of binding a dachshund’s legs and mouth with duct and electrical tape, then throwing the helpless animal from a vehicle like garbage. The terrified dog suffered in the freezing cold for twelve hours, unable to free himself or cry out for help.

The dog, who’s since been named Jimmy, was malnourished, cold, and appeared to have a concussion when he was finally found by a sheriff’s deputy. Temperatures had dropped into the teens while Jimmy lay helplessly in the ditch.

Police traced fingerprints on the duct tape, and arrested a suspect for felony animal abuse and armed criminal action. He’s being held on $50,000 bail.

Authorities must act to ensure that Jimmy’s abuser never harms another animal again.

Sign this petition urging Jefferson County Prosecuting Attorney Trisha Stefanski to make it clear that such animal cruelty will not be tolerated, and push for a lifelong ban on Jimmy’s attacker from ever going near an animal for the rest of his life.


Image Courtesy of Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Facebook Page

Please sign and support this petition – Thanks – Mark – WAV.