Day: February 24, 2019

The torture of elephants in the tourism jungle!


Elephant I belong here, not here

All tourists who fly to Thailand to ride elephants, or to do stupid selfies with wild animals, should know one thing: A wilderness elephant will never voluntarily allow it to be caressed or carry people on its back – they are captured, tortured, and then serve as tourist attractions.
To make an elephant carry tourists for hours through the wilderness, (which in the natural state is its actual home), must be broken before his will.

Elefant in Ketten

In Sri Lanka and Thailand elephant babies are captured illegally. Many travel operators even convey that they are doing something good for the animals; in reality it is a bawling animal torture!

In the hunt for them, the poachers kill up to five adult animals that want to protect their offspring, writes the animal welfare association Pro Wildlife. Then an elephant baby is trapped in a very small cage or hole in the ground where it can not move. The elephant babies are then beaten with sticks, starved for many days and deprived of sleep. The cruel “training” lasts until it has learned to fear and obey people, until he no longer shows resistance.

This custom is known in Thailand as Phajaan.

Elefanten in Thailand gefoltert5

The following video shows what we mean by “broken will”.

Visiting an elephant park or elephant riding in Thailand brings a lot of money to the organizers. But many visitors do not seem to know this dark side behind this cruel business.

Not only in Thailand are the elephants captured. 30,000 euros is worth a cub. Therefore, many elephants are also imported from other countries, for example from Myanmar! There are many videos documenting this cruel procedure.

There was a worldwide indignation when the video from the Khao Kheow Open Zoo in Thailand’s Chon Buri appeared on the Internet. Elephants like to swim, they do that in the wild. They use water to cool themselves, to clean themselves, and just walk around. At the Khao Kheow Open Zoo, however, they are forced to hold such a water show for the tourists day after day. This is anything but natural.

A video from a tourist attraction shows how a Thai zoo offers the prospect of swimming elephants in the front row. Not only does the elephant swim, it also does some awkward tricks before gasping for air again. He is not alone, a trainer is there. On the other side of the glass are hundreds of unsuspecting men, women and children who enjoy their zoo visit and do not know how this elephant tortured for years to offer that stupid fun.

Such trainers are called Mahouts in Thailand, the “elephant watchers”. When they receive a baby elephant, it is tied up or locked in a small hole. It has to starve, gets punches with a metal hook, until he breaks its will. The Mahout will accompany the enslaved elephant for life and make sure with his bullhook that he never fails to obey.

elefantenreiten_mit Baby dabei

My comment: On command they dance and dance.., like puppets, juggling with their trunks, painting pictures and stacking logs. Accompanied by loud circus music, lightning, stupid laughter and thunderous applause of the audience. Elephant Show calls this the entertainment industry, which works the most with mafia methods.


Under the miserable conditions of slavery in which the animals live, they hardly multiply any more. Current figures speak of an estimated 2,500 to 3,000 animals still living wild in Thailand’s forests. But other sources report that there are only about 500 free-living animals left; 300 of them in the north of the country.

But we do not give up, we keep fighting! We inform, we research, we remain loyal and active for our fellow creatures.

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