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USA: Dog Abandoned To Freeze To Death In Polar Vortex Deserves Justice – Petition – Please Sign.



Dog Abandoned to Freeze in Polar Vortex Deserves Justice

Posted by Jennifer McCue

Photo Credit: Indianapolis Animal Care Services

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Petition Link –


Target: Terry Curry, Prosecutor for Marion County, Indiana

Goal: Punish the person who allegedly left their dog outside in the bitter cold to freeze to death.

A dog was reportedly left outside to freeze to death during a dangerous polar vortex. The pup’s body was then thrown in the trash, allegedly by the owner. Demand justice for this poor animal.

Workers with Indianapolis Animal Care Services happened upon a horrific scene while sweeping the area for animals at risk. An empty wooden doghouse, blocked only by a towel, was reportedly the only protection one dog had from the bitter cold. A photo of a frozen water dish illustrated the seemingly horrific conditions the dog endured before eventually freezing to the ground. Rescuers found the animal’s remains in a dumpster, reports stated, and the body appeared incredibly malnourished.

An investigation is underway, and charges are likely to follow.

Sign below to demand that the person responsible for this dog’s death is charged with animal cruelty and assigned the maximum penalty possible.


Dear Prosecutor Curry,

A frozen dog was reportedly found in a dumpster in a shocking case of animal cruelty. Per investigators, the dog froze to death after being left outside in the bitter cold. I demand justice for this poor pup.

A dog reportedly froze to the ground after the poor animal was allegedly left outside without adaquate shelter. Indianapolis Animal Care Services stated that they found the pup’s remains in a dumpster while searching for animal’s at risk during the polar vortex. The dog’s final days were spent in a cold wooden dog house, investigators stated, with only a towel to block the wind. A photo, taken at the scene, showed a frozen water dish in the small fenced-in area where the dog initially died. Investigators suspect that the dog’s owner allowed the animal to freeze to death and then moved the body into the trash.

Any person who could allow a dog to die in such agony is a danger to animals and must be punished. I demand that you charge this person with animal cruelty and seek the maximum penalty possible.


[Your Name Here]


USA: Govs. Cuomo and Murphy: Rescind the Port Authority Kill Contract with Wildlife Services – Swan Killers !




Govs. Cuomo and Murphy: Rescind the Port Authority Kill Contract with Wildlife Services

On June 18, 2018, before the horrified eyes of human families, USDA/APHIS/Wildlife Services massacred a family of Mute Swans (shown above) swimming peacefully on Oneida Lake ( The agents shot the parent swans to death in front of their babies and then—according to a document obtained under the Freedom of Information Act—removed the cygnets from the public eye and broke their necks (the technical term for which is “cervical dislocation”).   The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation was by law forbidden from killing the swans because the Avella/Cymbrowitz moratorium on killing Mute Swans in New York State, which Governor Cuomo signed into law November of 2016, was still in place, so they hired a federal agency to carry out the crime.  There’d been a complaint of aggression by one person.  There was no investigation—even though the agents would have had to know that the only time Mute Swans are aggressive toward humans is when they fear for their babies.

Are federal agencies allowed to ride roughshod over state laws?

Does that not make a mockery of law itself?

What emboldened Wildlife Services? 

The same year that Governor Cuomo signed the Mute Swan Bill into law prohibiting the killing of the swans (2016), he and the New Jersey governor of that time, Chris Christie, oversaw the signing of the Port Authority’s kill contract with Wildlife Services (2016-2021) which agrees to the killing of Canada Geese primarily, though also Mute Swans and other wild creatures, within a specified radius of New York and New Jersey airports, on grounds of air safety concerns ( At Oneida Lake, Wildlife Services agents, who should have been charged with murder, animal cruelty, psychological torture, and conspiracy, killed with impunity. 

Wildlife Services kills millions of animals annually throughout the country, often using sadistic methods.  They use poisoned gas, for example, on the Canada Geese of New Jersey (, a monstrously cruel practice that only one New Jersey town was able to stop temporarily, though activists in New York stopped it completely in New York State. Animal rights and environmental groups sue Wildlife Services regularly, yet the killing does not cease.  Wildlife Services claims that Mute Swans are a threat to air safety.  Yet according to the Federal Aviation Administration’s data that is patently false ( … Table17, pages 39-40).  Within 24 years Mute Swans collided only 8 times with planes and caused zero property damage—as compared with Tundra Swans—mercifully not persecuted—who collided 12 times with planes during that same time period and caused over $470,000 in property damage.  Trumpeter Swans, also mercifully not persecuted, collided twice with planes though caused over $1,000,000 in damage.  (See also

Nor do the written justifications of Wildlife Services for killing Canada Geese justify anything ( Yet Wildlife Services states in at least one Environmental Impact Statement their intention to expand their annual goose culls to include more and more wild creatures.

We, the undersigned, therefore urge Governors Cuomo and Murphy to rescind the New York/New Jersey Port Authority kill contract with Wildlife Services.

Petition Link –


Please sign and leave a comment!



UK: Marine Mammals Washed Up On UK Beaches All Contain Microplastics – New Research Finds.




common dolphin wash up uk

Above – Common dolphin washed up on a beach – Pic: Frazer Hodgkins & CSIP

Marine megafauna feed by filtering thousands of cubic metres of seawater a day for plankton, meaning they are also taking in the tiny particles of indigestible plastic.

The microscopic plastic particles are even being consumed by humans, and it is believed that plastic in the gut could suppress the immune system and aid the transmission of toxins and harmful bugs or viruses.

The microscopic plastic particles are even being consumed by humans, and it is believed that plastic in the gut could suppress the immune system and aid the transmission of toxins and harmful bugs or viruses.

Plastics found in the guts of UK’s seals, dolphins and whales

The vast majority of the particles – 84% – originated from clothes, fishing nets, and toothbrushes, with the rest from packaging.

Scientists have discovered that microplastics are accumulating in the guts of every marine mammal that has washed up on the shores on the UK.

In a new study published in the journal Scientific Reports, the researchers from the University of Exeter and Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML) examined 50 carcasses.

The carcasses, which came from 10 species of seals, dolphins and whales, all contained microplastics – plastic particles smaller than 5mm – in their digestive systems.

The vast majority of the particles (84%) which the researchers discovered were synthetic fibres, originating from clothes, fishing nets and toothbrushes – while the rest were fragments from food packaging and plastic bottles.

Microplastics are known to pose a massive threat to the largest marine species.

Marine megafauna feed by filtering thousands of cubic metres of seawater a day for plankton, meaning they are also taking in the tiny particles of indigestible plastic.

The microscopic plastic particles are even being consumed by humans, and it is believed that plastic in the gut could suppress the immune system and aid the transmission of toxins and harmful bugs or viruses.


For Tuan Bendixsen: Thank You!




We always knew he was a star – but now it’s official.

2019_tuan_banner-de-2019Tuan Bendixsen, our Vietnam director, has been awarded the Order of Australia Medal.

One of the biggest tributes in Australia.

We are incredibly proud of what Tuan has achieved in the past 15 years and beyond. During this time he directed so many remarkable projects and delivered one success story after another.

Tuan is friendly, intelligent, resourceful and persistent. He has leadership and management qualities that most can only dream of. Without exaggeration, I can say that there is not a single person at Animals Asia who does not enjoy working with Tuan.

tuanbendixten1-2019Tuan, an Australian of Vietnamese origin, is leading the work to close down the bear bile farms in his country.
2019_tuan_2-all-2019His years of patience and perseverance paid off in 2017, when Vietnam agreed to finally close the bear bile farms …
2019_tuan_-image03-all-2019… and entrusting Animals Asia with the monomental project to well accommodate the 800 remaining bears on farms.
2019_tuan_-image04-all-2019If anyone can do it, then Tuan. And he has the full support of his employees, who consistently say he is the best boss in the world.
2019_tuan_05-all-2019Everyone loves to work with Tuan – and I’m no exception!
2019_tuan06-all-2019Oh, and did we mention that his heart beats especially for the bears?


Congratulations Tuan Bendixsen OAM (Order of Australia Medal) and thank you for all the wonderful years.

By the way: Our humble hero has tried to keep his honor a secret …

… but we could not help but sharing our joy with you! Because without your generous support in those years, none of our pioneering work in Vietnam would have been possible.

Bear hugs of gratitude


Jill Robinson

Jill Robinson MBE, dr. med. vet. h.c., Hon LLD
Animals Asia, founder and CEO

My comment: It is such people who make this world more bearable.
Not only for animals, but also for us.
They teach us courage, stamina, fight spirit.
They are people to follow as examples.

In the name of the bears, thank you Tuan Bendixsen!



My best regards to all, Venus


England: 1st February – Remembering Jill – ‘Warrior of the Rainbow’.




V1. rs

From Mark:

Today, 1/2/19 is a day of great sadness for all of us who have been involved with live animal exports in the UK.   Today marks the day when in 1995 our beloved Jill was crushed to death under the wheels of a livestock transporter carrying live calves into Coventry Airport for them to be flown to Europe and the crate systems that existed at the time – 1995.


V11 rs


Read a lot more about Jill and her history here:

On 1 February 1995, Phipps was one of 35 protesters at Coventry Airport in Baginton, protesting at the export of live calves to Amsterdam for distribution across Europe. Ten protesters broke through police lines and were trying to bring the lorry to a halt by sitting in the road or chaining themselves to it when Phipps was crushed beneath the lorry’s wheels; her fatal injuries included a broken spine.

She died on the way to the hospital accompanied by her brother Zab.[2] Phipps’ death received a large amount of publicity, being brought up at Prime Minister’s question time in the House of Commons.[1]

Jill was killed at the Coventry protests; Veal calf exports from Coventry Airport ended months later, when the aviation firm belonging to the pilot responsible for the veal flights, Christopher Barrett-Jolly, went bankrupt following accusations of running guns from Slovakia to Sudan in breach of EU rules.

In 2002 he was charged with smuggling 271 kg of cocaine worth £22 Million from Jamaica into Southend airport in Essex, England. He was given a 20 year prison sentence.  Read more:


V7 rs

All these years (24 to be exact) on after Jill’s death fighting for animals; ceremonies and tributes are still held at this time to remember the ‘warrior of the rainbow’ who simply wanted the world to be a better place, and for animals to be respected in parallel to the human race.


Give a minute please to remember Jill today and what she died fighting for.

Even today; I still personally get upset a the loss of this beautiful person – there is no justice ! – I have seen, heard and smelt the calf export transporters – they bring shame to us all.


1/2/19 – Still Scottish farmers try to export live calves through England to Europe !

Even today (1/2/19) , this very morning; Scottish farmers intended to send their male calves; and unwanted ‘by product’ of the dairy industry, from Ramsgate port in England, to their deaths in Europe for meat eaters.  Fortunately, todays sailing has been cancelled due to snow and bad weather conditions between Scotland and Ramsgate here in Kent  on the SE coast of England, my home county.  As Rab says in the fil, the common link throughout is one of mothers being separated from their children – dairy cows crying for their baby calves; and Nancy Phipps being separated from her daughter Jill who was killed at the protests.

Thank You





1/2/19 Ramsgate sailing Update:

The proposed sailing of the Joline today has been cancelled due to the weather conditions for loading in Scotland. Thank you to all the efforts of our supporters who have made this happen.


We are still holding the service at Dover tomorrow (2/2/19) 12 till 3pm.



Please try to come to the memorial

Frankenstein research in cloned monkeys




In Shanghai, a few days ago 5 cloned long-tailed macaques were born with a deliberate genetic defect. Donor was a male monkey in which a crucial substance for regulating the biorhythm was eliminated by gene modification.

As part of the cloning, female animals are removed from egg cells and their cell nuclei, in which the genome is located, removed. Subsequently, the cell nuclei are inserted from body cells of the donor. After “implantation” of these composite cells in dams, viable organisms are then grown, which genetically represent a “copy” of the animal from which the body cells were taken.


“This whole process is associated with extreme suffering,” Dr. med. vet. Gaby Neumann of doctors against animal experiments. Not only the removal and replanting of the eggs are tampering with the animals involved.
In addition, cloning represents a very high consumption of life. Because not every embryo creates a viable monkey. For the “created” five macaques 300 embryos were “consumed”, which were planted in dozens of surrogate animals. Many of the cloned newborns die. The survivors often have a defective immune system, more often suffer from heart or respiratory diseases and muscle and joint problems.


An extremely dangerous and ethically questionable development is also the combination of two manipulation techniques: Genetic modification and cloning of living things.
For the “production” of the donor animal, so-called “knock out” monkeys were produced. In them, a gene was removed with the gene scissors Crispr / Cas. Without this gene, the monkeys are particularly susceptible to a range of diseases because their internal clock is no longer functioning properly.
As a donor animal, the monkey with the strongest symptoms was selected, which means that the newborn monkeys are also very disease-susceptible “knock out” animals.

Affe / Klon / Dolly-Methode

According to Chinese researchers, the “created” clone monkeys are intended to advance biomedical science, as it allows false research results to be ruled out by genetic variation. Because the genetic material of individuals of a species differs significantly in the details and would make it so difficult to develop drugs that work for everyone.
“This justification for the” advantages “of cloning is completely incomprehensible,” explains Gaby Neumann. “If individuals of one species are so different, how can one expect results to be transferable between two different species, such as monkey and human? Besides, the individuality of the human being is important.

Where are there cloned people with completely similar reactions? Those still are living “at the best” in an environment like under laboratory conditions?

Not only that this development can not be justified for ethical reasons, because living things are degraded to mere, arbitrarily manipulatable objects.
It also means a step in the wrong direction. Everywhere one speaks of individualized medicine.
“The focus of biomedicine should be on humans and not in Frankenstein research,” says Neumann. State-of-the-art methods such as multi-organ chips, mini-organs, computer software with artificial intelligence and imaging techniques, in contrast to animal experiments, can achieve effective and individual results.

My comment: Again psychopaths with white coats at work applying the latest method of Frankenstein science to living beings.
A waste of life, time and money.
A horror show is staged again after the well-known lab mafia slogan:  “Everything goes” because we torture “only” animals!

Lifelong suffering and early death are often associated with cloning.
The unnatural pregnancy causes even after this procedure a suffering of the animals. Cloned animals are often heavier than their naturally bred conspecifics. This means a difficult and painful birth for the mother. In many cases, a cesarean section is also performed.
In addition, cloned animals tend to have a weakened immune system and therefore suffer from heart failure, respiratory disease, or muscle and joint problems.

Why all that?
To create the “Superman”? – we had that earlier in the Nazi era.
Only the technique was different.
Just because the psychopaths wear a frock today in the lab does not make it any less perverted and fascist than in the time.

My best regards, Venus