For Tuan Bendixsen: Thank You!




We always knew he was a star – but now it’s official.

2019_tuan_banner-de-2019Tuan Bendixsen, our Vietnam director, has been awarded the Order of Australia Medal.

One of the biggest tributes in Australia.

We are incredibly proud of what Tuan has achieved in the past 15 years and beyond. During this time he directed so many remarkable projects and delivered one success story after another.

Tuan is friendly, intelligent, resourceful and persistent. He has leadership and management qualities that most can only dream of. Without exaggeration, I can say that there is not a single person at Animals Asia who does not enjoy working with Tuan.

tuanbendixten1-2019Tuan, an Australian of Vietnamese origin, is leading the work to close down the bear bile farms in his country.
2019_tuan_2-all-2019His years of patience and perseverance paid off in 2017, when Vietnam agreed to finally close the bear bile farms …
2019_tuan_-image03-all-2019… and entrusting Animals Asia with the monomental project to well accommodate the 800 remaining bears on farms.
2019_tuan_-image04-all-2019If anyone can do it, then Tuan. And he has the full support of his employees, who consistently say he is the best boss in the world.
2019_tuan_05-all-2019Everyone loves to work with Tuan – and I’m no exception!
2019_tuan06-all-2019Oh, and did we mention that his heart beats especially for the bears?


Congratulations Tuan Bendixsen OAM (Order of Australia Medal) and thank you for all the wonderful years.

By the way: Our humble hero has tried to keep his honor a secret …

… but we could not help but sharing our joy with you! Because without your generous support in those years, none of our pioneering work in Vietnam would have been possible.

Bear hugs of gratitude


Jill Robinson

Jill Robinson MBE, dr. med. vet. h.c., Hon LLD
Animals Asia, founder and CEO

My comment: It is such people who make this world more bearable.
Not only for animals, but also for us.
They teach us courage, stamina, fight spirit.
They are people to follow as examples.

In the name of the bears, thank you Tuan Bendixsen!



My best regards to all, Venus


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