Day: February 3, 2019

Animals Asia To Rescue 800 Vietnamese Bears By 2022 ? – Jill’s Blog.


Rare snowfall in China sanctuary creates a moon bear wonderland



As the new year dawns, and snow coats our China sanctuary, hope builds for nearly 800 bears holding on for rescue in Vietnam.

Happy New Year!

Over the New Year period, our sanctuary in Chengdu, China enjoyed a rare dusting of snow which transformed the sanctuary into a glorious winter wonderland.

For the bears it was their first proper snowfall in many years and they absolutely loved it. They rushed out of their dens to explore the snow-dusted enclosures and took great delight in stomping, eating and digging around in the most wonderful natural enrichment mother nature can provide.

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While much of the world was enjoying chocolates under the tree and hearty family feasts, sanctuary staff spent the festive season with the bears. They continued to work round the clock throughout the holiday, keeping the bears’ tummies full and their hearts happy.

The China team had a sick bear on their hands, who is slowly improving thanks to their relentless care throughout both the days and nights of his ongoing recovery.

With 366 bears presently in our care, we can’t afford to switch off for a single day, and that is a commitment only possible thanks to our fabulous friends and supporters around the world.

It is you who kept that sick bear safe over the holidays. You kept Kevin smiling and hungry beauty Nicole satiated with all her favourite treats.

Your compassion gives hope too to all the bears holding on for rescue. Together with the Vietnamese government, we will rescue up to 800 bears by 2022. This is far and away the greatest challenge we’ve ever taken on – perhaps the greatest challenge any animal welfare charity has ever faced – but I know we can do it because we have you on our side.

You give me hope, because every year I am amazed at what you can do. The time you devote, the funds you ingeniously raise, and the attention you command when you tell the world what we’re doing.

Work continues on plans for how such an enormous number of rescues can be carried out and the long-term future care of every bear assured, and we hope to have exciting progress to share with you later in 2019.

Jill feeding

I wish the greatest health and happiness to everyone in our Animals Asia family across the world – staff, volunteers, friends and supporters – because together we have shown how effective we can be for the animals of this vast and magnificent continent, and they need us so very much in 2019.

With endless thanks to you for keeping the magic of the dream we share alive and wishing you the happiest and healthiest 2019, with love and never ending bear hugs from us all, your family, Animals Asia.


The horror cabinet with live beings.




This is what happens to farmed animals when they’re transported in freezing conditions.
These pigs have literally froze to slaughterhouse truck and need to be cut apart piece by piece in order to be removed.

These are the victims of the animal farming industry.
This is happening in North America.

The meat mafia, the truck driver, the average person sees in these pictures no more animals.
They see that a product has collapsed due to extreme weather conditions. The only question is how cleaners can cleanse the body.
No one cares that sentient beings were killed by negligence and sent to their deaths.

The more consumers become desensitized to this disease, the more normal, natural, and unavoidable the crime appears to be. Therefore, the corrupt media are constantly busy with the consequences of the cold for the people.
The business has to run, and such damages lead to heavy losses in the cash register.

The band never stops on the Dachaus of this world.
On the truck, in the slaughterhouse, in the farms … The death gang never stops.
Thanks to the dull moral of those, who tomorrow will eat the frozen remains of the tortured corpses without guilty conscience.

My best regards, Venus