Day: February 18, 2019

Zimbabwe: baby elephants in cruel trade


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Since 2012 about 100 elephant calves have been sold to Chinese zoos and safari parks, some of which offer elephants performing stunts in circus shows. Such deals require permits, under the multilateral Cites treaty that governs the wildlife trade. Network for Animals has documentary evidence showing that in the past, phony documents have been used.


Now another 35 baby elephants are to be sent to Chinese zoos after being forcibly separated from their mothers in the Hwange National Park.

“Network for Animals is appalled by Zimbabwe’s continued export of very young elephants to lives of hell in China,” said David Barritt, NFA’s chief campaigner.

“Many of these babies will still be breast feeding. Scientists say they will never fully recover from the trauma.

Barritt said Zimbabwe authorities have previously exported baby elephants using invalid or duplicated CITES permits. “When NFA raised this issue with authorities, they ignored us. What they are doing is morally wrong and in breach of CITES regulations, but they go on doing it anyway.”

At the moment, the elephants, some as young as two, are being held in pens in Hwange while travel crates are prepared for the 7,000-mile journey. Conservationists say calves can be entirely dependent on their mothers for emotional and physical support until they are five; others can still be taking their mother’s milk until they are ten or another sibling is born.


During the rule of Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s wildlife was regularly sold to Asia and the Middle East to settle debts. “It was hoped that when the present president Emerson Mnangagwa came to power in a coup, he would stop this practice which shames Zimbabwe,” said Barritt. “Instead, he is continuing on the road of cruelty and callous indifference to animals.”

My comment: the human being has not the least value on this planet…there is absolutely nothing useful and peaceful that he can give to nature and animals… with everything he does, he destroys everything that has life, beauty, value..we are certainly by far the dumbest, perfidious and abominable beings on this earth .

Human being: The worst parasitic!!

My best regards, Venus

Colombia: adios hobby murder!


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After Sri Lanka, India, Kenya, Botswana, Oman, Costa Rica (2012) and many other areas now also in Colombia. The Colombian Constitutional Court made a groundbreaking decision for the animals: It declared the hobby hunting unconstitutional. On this basis, one year after the court ruling, a ban on hobby hunting in Colombia will come into effect.

According to the responsible judge, hobby hunting violates the constitutional protection of the environment: ” It is constitutionally not allowed to kill or torture animals just for fun […] because that does not correspond to the duty or the constitutional mandate to protect nature […]. “


He also pointed out that animals are sentient beings. Previously, the Colombian Ministry of the Environment had already stated that this form of hunting only serves to entertain hunters and causes animal suffering.

Advocate and animal rights activist Laura Santacoloma has filed a lawsuit seeking to declare hobby hunting unconstitutional, as it violates Colombian laws on the care and protection of wildlife and the environment. Judge Antonio Jose Lizarazo agreed and ruled: “It is constitutionally not allowed to kill or abuse animals for recreational purposes only”.

Jäger im Hochsitz

The motive of killing an animal for fun or for food is another.

Animals are not things, they are beings with feelings.

Colombia, is the country, after Brazil, with the world’s largest biodiversity.

This decision will save the lives of countless deer, doves, ducks, rabbits, umbels and other animals. Fortunately, those who want to “shoot” animals in Colombia in their free time will soon be allowed to do so only with the camera!

My comment: And these are the “third world” countries!!!
Here in “first world” country, in Germany, we have 380,000 hobby-hunters and only about 1,000 of them are professional hunters, especially forestry officials. 380.00 hobby killers kill up to 6 million wild animals a year. For fun!!

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First of all, we have to make one thing clear: the goal of the hunt is the executions!

The hunt is the terror of a miserable minority of 0.45% of the German population against defenseless animals.

And this terror takes place in front of our houses, in front of our children, costs the lives of our pets, happens in nature, in meadows and fields we look forward to when we go for a walk.

A civilized country is not understood as such when it brutally massacres 500,000 foxes or 100,000 wild boars each year, and proudly appears in the media as a potent execution gang.


A civilized country is understood as such when it feels and practices respect, compassion and protection for each animal species.

Because that would mean that such a society preserves the feeling and / or the principle of humanity towards its members.

Those who kill animals for fun loses the feeling of humanity at the same time.

Hunting leads to bestiality and dehumanization.


My best regards, Venus

USA: Perverted Trophy Hunter Paid More than $100K to Murder A Rare Goat.



On the subject of sick perverts; …………….

This Trophy Hunter Paid More than $100K to Murder A Rare Goat

Posted by Carly Day | February 16, 2019

This Trophy Hunter Paid More than $100K to Murder A Rare Goat

Image Credit: Mayo Hunter

An American trophy hunter paid $110,000 to shoot an endangered Astore markhor goat in Gilgit, Pakistan this month.

The Texan, identified as entrepreneur Bryan Kinsel Harlan, is seen making the kill in a video released by his hunting guide on Facebook.

Harlan shoots the adult markhor in cold blood as it grazes in a mountainous area right next to an infant. He then high-fives his hunting buddies before posing with this magnificent slaughtered animal.

“It was an easy and close shot and I am pleased to make this trophy,” Harlan told a Pakistani newspaper.

The markhor is the national animal of Pakistan, and there are less than 6,000 left in the wild. They are currently classified as near threatened after the IUCN downgraded their status from endangered in 2015.

Also known as the screw horn goat, hunters prize their spectacular spiraled horns.

Although it is illegal for most people to hunt this protected species, the government of Pakistan makes an exception for trophy hunters; this year, they auctioned off permits allowing four markhor to be shot dead.

Harlan is the third American to travel to Pakistan this year to kill one of these goats. Less than a month ago, another American “sports hunter,” John Amistoso, paid $100,000 to travel to Pakistan and murder a stunning individual.

Tarbarak Ullah was the lead guide on Harlan’s hunting trip and defends the practice as essential for the conservation of the species.

“This is not just about hunting,” said Ullah. “The number of animals is increasing, and these foreign hunters are millionaires who go back and tell the world that Pakistan is safe. Now, more and more tourists are coming.”

The Pakistani government claim that 80% of the permit fees go directly to the local communities in the community conservation areas where the hunts take place, with 20% going to the wildlife department.

But Iris Ho, senior specialist for wildlife programs and policy at the Human Society International (HSI), disagrees with the “conservation” scheme.

“The hefty price tag — $100,000 — for this hunt says it all,” says Ho. “Trophy hunting is not conservation, it is pay-to-slay killing for fun. It is an expensive hobby for the elite one percenters to kill rare and iconic animals for bragging rights.

The United States is the world’s largest importer of hunting trophies, with American trophy hunters leaving a trail of carcasses wherever they go. The grotesque enterprise of trophy hunting at the expense of magnificent wild animals has no place in a modern society.”

The slaughter of even one protected animal in the name of conservation is unacceptable, and we urge the government of Pakistan to support and promote their unique wildlife ethically and sustainably instead of auctioning off their precious lives.


USA; 2 Dog Abuser Petitions – Please Make Sure You Sign Both – Thanks.



USA dog abuser petitions – please sign.


A man (read pervert) is accused of dressing up in a dog costume and raping his pet husky on film.

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Petition link –


Target: Bernie McCabe, Chief Prosecutor for Pinellas County, Florida

Goal: Prosecute alleged case of animal rape to the fullest extent.

A Florida man faces charges for a sickening alleged act of bestiality and animal cruelty: sexually assaulting his pet Siberian husky while dressed in a dog costume. After allegedly victimizing his dog and filming the horrifying incident, 21-year-old Christian Stewart then reportedly shared the video online. A shocked viewer alerted authorities, leading to Stewart’s arrest on several counts of aggravated animal cruelty and possession of obscene materials.

In the disturbing video, Stewart (clad in the dog costume) can allegedly be seen physically raping his dog Ember and further torturing the poor animal with sex toys. At one point in the video, the terrified animal seemingly attempts to escape only to be struck hard with one of Stewart’s ‘toys.’ The abuse and terror Ember allegedly endured is unconscionable; thankfully the Siberian husky and another pet dog at Stewart’s residence are now safe.

Ember deserves justice. Sign this petition to help ensure this vulnerable pet receives it.



Dear Mr. McCabe,

The bestiality charges brought against Oldsmar resident Christian Stewart are so disturbing and shocking that they have brought national attention to a grave but often overlooked form of animal cruelty. The sensationalistic nature of this alleged crime, however, should not detract from the alleged victim: a pet dog whose trust in a caretaker was violated in the worst way. Ember, like all victims of unchecked violence, deserves justice.

Mr. Stewart has reportedly confessed to the accusations made against him, which are further supported by video evidence. He will likely claim a psychological disorder for a defense. But the fact that Mr. Stewart was seemingly fully aware of his disturbances (as evidenced by his alleged active participation in zoophilia chat rooms) and chose to keep at-risk animals anyway indicates malice and intent. Stewart was apparently so proud of his heinous actions that he posted them for the world to see. But whether this man was driven by illness or whether he viewed his alleged crimes as a sick joke, he must be held accountable.

Please fully pursue the maximum penalty in this case and validate that cruelty against another living being will never be tolerated.


[Your Name Here]



……………………………….. Staying in the USA;


Justice for Pit Bull Dragged for Miles Behind Car

Posted by Katie Valentine


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Petition link –


PETITION TARGET: Berkeley County Sheriff S. Duane Lewis

A 14-month-old pit bull named Gabe is lucky to be alive after being tied up and viciously dragged behind a car for several miles in Berkeley County, South Carolina. Gabe’s fur and skin were painfully ripped from his body by the rough pavement beneath him as his “guardian” dragged him along mercilessly.

Gabe’s lengthy road to recovery began with two surgeries, 500 stitches, and casts on all four of his legs. He’s unable to walk or stand on his own, his paw pads are completely gone, and his wounds indicate that he suffered for days before receiving treatment.

Although Gabe’s injuries are consistent with brutal and extensive torture, his previous guardian has only been charged with failure to provide veterinary care, which typically carries a trivial $500 fine. Upon surrendering the horrifically injured dog to authorities, they claimed that Gabe was somehow accidentally dragged for “just a few blocks.”

It is outrageous that the vague story provided by Gabe’s former guardian has been accepted at face value. Authorities must hold Gabe’s abuser to a more appropriate standard of justice for their alleged cruelty against the helpless dog.

Sign this petition urging Berkeley County Sheriff S. Duane Lewis to prosecute the suspect to the fullest extent of the law, and call for a lifelong ban on ever keeping  an animal again.