USA; 2 Dog Abuser Petitions – Please Make Sure You Sign Both – Thanks.



USA dog abuser petitions – please sign.


A man (read pervert) is accused of dressing up in a dog costume and raping his pet husky on film.

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Target: Bernie McCabe, Chief Prosecutor for Pinellas County, Florida

Goal: Prosecute alleged case of animal rape to the fullest extent.

A Florida man faces charges for a sickening alleged act of bestiality and animal cruelty: sexually assaulting his pet Siberian husky while dressed in a dog costume. After allegedly victimizing his dog and filming the horrifying incident, 21-year-old Christian Stewart then reportedly shared the video online. A shocked viewer alerted authorities, leading to Stewart’s arrest on several counts of aggravated animal cruelty and possession of obscene materials.

In the disturbing video, Stewart (clad in the dog costume) can allegedly be seen physically raping his dog Ember and further torturing the poor animal with sex toys. At one point in the video, the terrified animal seemingly attempts to escape only to be struck hard with one of Stewart’s ‘toys.’ The abuse and terror Ember allegedly endured is unconscionable; thankfully the Siberian husky and another pet dog at Stewart’s residence are now safe.

Ember deserves justice. Sign this petition to help ensure this vulnerable pet receives it.



Dear Mr. McCabe,

The bestiality charges brought against Oldsmar resident Christian Stewart are so disturbing and shocking that they have brought national attention to a grave but often overlooked form of animal cruelty. The sensationalistic nature of this alleged crime, however, should not detract from the alleged victim: a pet dog whose trust in a caretaker was violated in the worst way. Ember, like all victims of unchecked violence, deserves justice.

Mr. Stewart has reportedly confessed to the accusations made against him, which are further supported by video evidence. He will likely claim a psychological disorder for a defense. But the fact that Mr. Stewart was seemingly fully aware of his disturbances (as evidenced by his alleged active participation in zoophilia chat rooms) and chose to keep at-risk animals anyway indicates malice and intent. Stewart was apparently so proud of his heinous actions that he posted them for the world to see. But whether this man was driven by illness or whether he viewed his alleged crimes as a sick joke, he must be held accountable.

Please fully pursue the maximum penalty in this case and validate that cruelty against another living being will never be tolerated.


[Your Name Here]



……………………………….. Staying in the USA;


Justice for Pit Bull Dragged for Miles Behind Car

Posted by Katie Valentine


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PETITION TARGET: Berkeley County Sheriff S. Duane Lewis

A 14-month-old pit bull named Gabe is lucky to be alive after being tied up and viciously dragged behind a car for several miles in Berkeley County, South Carolina. Gabe’s fur and skin were painfully ripped from his body by the rough pavement beneath him as his “guardian” dragged him along mercilessly.

Gabe’s lengthy road to recovery began with two surgeries, 500 stitches, and casts on all four of his legs. He’s unable to walk or stand on his own, his paw pads are completely gone, and his wounds indicate that he suffered for days before receiving treatment.

Although Gabe’s injuries are consistent with brutal and extensive torture, his previous guardian has only been charged with failure to provide veterinary care, which typically carries a trivial $500 fine. Upon surrendering the horrifically injured dog to authorities, they claimed that Gabe was somehow accidentally dragged for “just a few blocks.”

It is outrageous that the vague story provided by Gabe’s former guardian has been accepted at face value. Authorities must hold Gabe’s abuser to a more appropriate standard of justice for their alleged cruelty against the helpless dog.

Sign this petition urging Berkeley County Sheriff S. Duane Lewis to prosecute the suspect to the fullest extent of the law, and call for a lifelong ban on ever keeping  an animal again.


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