Austria: illegal transport under the protection of the police!!


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Animal protection action of the association against animal factories – VgT Austria

At dawn on Tuesday morning (Feb. 12), 15 animal welfare activists gathered at the parking lot on which the livestock truck was parked. After sighting the animals, the thirsty pigs were supplied with water by the activists. Also documented was missing litter. The poor animals had to stand for hours on hard, ice-cold metal and lie.


Suddenly, however, the driver and business leader appeared.
The animal rights activists contacted the police to determine the illegality of the transport. The police unfortunately took almost an hour to record the data.

Martin Balluch, the chairman of the association tells:

We had tracked the illegal animal transport to the slaughterhouse. There the police arrived. But instead of controlling the van, they claimed we were holding an unlisted demo. Even if, that would not be a problem.

Polizeiwagen in Österreicho

It is clearly regulated by law that non-indicated meetings may be held as long as they do not jeopardize public safety.

Nevertheless, the police started arresting us. Of the 15 assets, 13 were running. I stayed there, told the police my name and said I was responsible for everything. After a phone call with the district captain, I was arrested, as was the other person who had stayed behind. Another was picked up in the village. The police came with 7 (!) Police vehicles and also seized 2 banners and 4 posters.

“I have not experienced anything like this before” ( Martin Balluch).

After about 3 hours, the detainees who were taken to the police station were released.

We will, on the other hand, file a complaint.


Because it is organizationally more convenient, a livestock truck from a Lower Austrian company goes to porkers every Monday evening to load animals. The immediate destination is not the slaughterhouse, but a parking lot. There are about 200 pigs crammed together in a confined space then simply turned off, also without litter and without water. The pigs were parked at 9pm on the night before and then left to their own fate! The last night they experienced, they froze and scared themselves in this parking lot! 

The driver drives home and goes to sleep!!

The pigs scream all night long. Only in the morning does he come back and the completely exhausted animals continue their journey to the slaughterhouse. This scenario is repeated week after week, according to witnesses for weeks, maybe for years! Just last summer the VGT uncovered a similar case in Styria (State in the south of Austria)

My comment: When the detection of crimes is treated as a committed crime, we are ruled by criminals” (Edward Snowden)

It is a crime that animals are exploited, imprisoned, tortured and finally killed, and those who want to prevent this crime be punished. The impact of the industries that exploit animals is frightening if they can manipulate the executive, judiciary, and legislature only to protect their financial interests.

People can fight for their freedom, animals can not. That is the big difference between all liberation movements in relation to humans and the liberation of animals. The system wants to put us off and scare us. It wants to prescribe us, as we have to demonstrate: So that the rulers can go on undisturbed as before. How should activists deal with the danger of going to jail for their just protest?

We will continue to fight against the state repression of our legitimate fight for animal rights, and we will fight harder than ever.The governments and the meat mafia are scared of us because they know what we can achieve by showing the world what crime is doing behind their closed doors.

If we work together, even with other powerful civil rights movements, if we actively fight for the animals, then we can achieve something.

Because if we do not all fight together, no one can do anything alone.

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My best regards, Venus


One thought on “Austria: illegal transport under the protection of the police!!”

  1. It’s scary… indignation does not match what I feel. It is pure disgust. In fact, criminals are those who traffick animals, drugs, weapons, sex, children… and nobody condemns them. Everyone is silent. They turn their faces, pretending not to see.
    Yes, it’s true: because if we do not all fight together, no one can do anything alone.
    Serenity claudine


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